Our History

The year 1988 marked an important year as it witnessed a continuous inflow of many families to the suburbs including Borivali. These families originally belonged to the many different assemblies of Mumbai (then Bombay). After having settled down in the suburbs, they felt a need to start a regular prayer meeting which gave genesis to the weekly prayer meeting which was held in the houses of the families who resided in Borivali and around. The meetings were held on a rotation basis.

As the years passed by the brethren took an initiative and started with the proclamation of the gospel to the common public in Borivali East and West. This was mainly conducted on Sunday evenings. Encouraged by this united effort, in the year 1991 the brethren had the leading to start assembly gatherings. The exact date was 29 Sept 1991 where the first assembly gathering of the Borivali believers took place in a classroom of St. Francis technical Institute. This gathering had the much needed support of Bethel assembly, Santa Cruz believers.

This continued for few more years, the unique nature of this gathering was that it was multi-lingual and multi-cultural in nature.
Later on the believers felt the need to have a permanent place to gather instead of a classroom of a college. Eventually they found a nice place at Sharon Apartments in I.C. Colony. Accordingly the first gathering for worship was held in new premises on Feb 6th 1994. This gathering is still continuing by God’s grace.

We invite you to visit us and have fellowship with us.

With much Love in our Savior Christ
Dr. Koshy Mathew

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