Br. Varghese Chacko – TEENAGE RELATIONSHIPS: With Opposite Gender [Sermon]

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Teenage Relationships with Opposite Gender Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br. Varghese Chacko at Assembly Bible Classes on 29th April 2018. Passage of Reference: Relationship with ‘Peers’ takes a whole new meaning when …

TEENAGE RELATIONSHIPS: With Parents- Br. Varghese Chacko – [Sermon]

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“Relationship with ‘Teens and Parents’ are more or less like ‘Wife and Mother-in-laws’, but with one big difference. Most of the Teen start appreciating their Parents later in life!! What then is the fuzz? Why a Teen find himself at loggerhead with his Parents? Here in this Video Varghese Chacko gives a perspective that is woven through Psychological reasoning and Spiritual basis… A ‘Must Watch’ for all Teens and their Parents.

REPENTANCE IN THE CHURCH – Proverbs 5:24 [Sermon]

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The church can consist of people who are hurting, distressed and of dire need of help. It can very well consist of people who are actively involved in the gathering, but who also are come to the verge of destruction. In the wise words of Solomon, it can consist of a person who cries that he has come to atmost ruin and is lost in the middle of the gathering.

This tragedy cannot be overlooked. It calls for whole hearted repentance in the church. This message stresses on the importance of repentance in the church.