New Year's Sermon 2011: Antidote to anxiety- Br.Varghese Chacko

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Posted Below is the Sermon Delivered By Bro. Varghese Chacko at the Borivali Assembly

The sermon is a timely sermon on How Lord Jesus Christ asked each Christian to seek God’s Kingdom first and never be anxious.

Lord Jesus Convinced His listeners by stating three examples – fowls of the air, flowers of the field and the Gentiles.

The Sermon is from Matthew 6:25-34

Cover up – When where we last guilty of it ?

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Cover up, … cover up is to hide from others getting to know. This term was commonly used during the 1972 water gate scandal, when the US president Nixon covered up his staff’s wrong doings
A definition that says what it better would be this – An effort or strategy of concealment

But before fingers are pointed at US president Nixon, or lately even bill Clinton etc… it would be good to see where it is found in the scripture.

Joshua Rajan – GOD AND STORM [Poem]

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A foreboding feeling, A nervous abyss inside
Suddenly springing up, and I have nowhere to hide
Nothing to shelter me, No aegis in sight
Just a few moments for the storm to collide

I see the heavy black clouds gather,
I hear the vociferous howling wind blow,
Every speck the potency declaring,
Every gale resembling a mighty foe.

There goes the last golden ray of the sun,
Now vanishes the final streak of fine blue,
Despair comes and makes himself familiar
As all around turns a stronger black hue.

The Morning Mist: Angels Beckon- poem

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Mary approached the tomb of Christ weeping but she left worshiping him. The Tomb of Christ, ignored by Jerusalem, ignored by the world, is the most revered of place that the Christian can visit, spiritually, where the din of business and worldly clamor is replaced by quiet solitude with our Lord. It is the chamber where a genius, the creator, and our beloved decided to rest a while. It is only fitting that we spend time to find out more about this most honorable place. Angels beckon us as we read in Mathew 28: 6 “Come and see the place where our Lord lay”
A poetic composition on Mary encounter at the Tomb of Christ.


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The Roman cross goes up in air
Hanging on it the Son of God,
Mocked Rejected, Despised by all
Marred beyond recognition.
” Father Forgive ” , was then the cry
Reaching the Great throne of God;
My head goes down & knees touch ground
As only God can say such Words.