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Verse for Today: Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Psalms 23:2b – He leads me beside quiet waters.

The Lord rescues His children from engulfing flood and roaring mighty waters which terrify them. He delivers His children from the waves of the sea and when the waters get into their boats to sink their lives. When the storms in life are stopped by Him, He takes them to His green pastures to eat. Once they have enough to eat, He leads them to drink from His reservoir of cool waters. The cool water without waves or storms is the living drink to quiet them down and to refresh their heated up souls from weariness. His cool water takes away any toxic material which would have gone inside His sheep. When a sheep grazes on the Lord’s green pastures and drinks from His quiet and cool waters, it helps him to calm down in the wake of pressures and noises which are around him. It is a time of quiet rest and peace for them and to continue to enjoy the presence and protection of the Shepherd. He provides for their every need, whether it is spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, relational or situational. No matter what goes on around them, if the sheep follows the Shepherd and willingly submit to His leading to the green pastures and the quiet and cool waters, it would quiet their spirits and calm their hearts and enable them to put all their trust in their Shepherd and continue to rely on His leading every day of their lives. Blessed are such sheep that are willing and able to follow the leading of this great Shepherd. He leads them through His love and compassion and not through force or threat. In fact, His love is far more forceful than any other pressure any one can think of. He has opened for them a fountain of living water on the hill called Mount Calvary which never runs dry and will continue to fill all His willing sheep with His living water to strengthen their spiritual lives. Today this fountain of living water is made available to each of us, His beloved sheep, and there is a loving invitation to go to His fountain to drink to the overflowing.

Dear friend, are you a thirsty soul today and need to quench your thirst? Perhaps the situations around you are quite hot and put a lot of pressure on you. Perhaps you encounter the enticing of the enemy of your soul to push you to drink the lukewarm waters from the broken cisterns of this world. Remember, these waters from the broken cisterns of power, prestige, possessions, positions, prominence, entertainment, technology and fame will never satisfy you. These will only create more cravings in you to have more and more of it and thus bind you in never-ending dissatisfaction. They will corrupt your soul and drain you slowly of your trust in the Lord. They will encourage you to put your trust in the temporal. But no matter how much pressure you might encounter around you, the cool and quiet waters made available by the Lord Jesus will lead you to full satisfaction. It will heal all your spiritual sicknesses and strengthen your faith and trust in God to meet all your needs no matter what they are. Your spiritual life will be made stronger and stronger as you drink from this quiet water provided by the Lord. As you drink more of it, you will lose desire for the worldly sources for water. Remember, the Lord Jesus is the living water and He gives Himself to us so that we will be filled with Him and His glory. His power will fill our lives which will enable us to face any challenge that the world poses to us. He will continue to strengthen us through the living water to face any situation or eventuality and will lead us to overcome all our conflicts, pressures and temptations. Let us today go to the Lord Jesus who is the fountain of living water, drink of Him who is the eternal Word, and empower our lives to face the realities, challenges and concerns of this life.

John 4:13 & 14 – Everyone who drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.

Thought for Today

The power of the quiet and cool living water will enable us to face any eventuality with the divine power that it imparts in us.

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