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Verse for Today: Sunday, April 10, 2011

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through (Christ) who gives me strength.

We know from experience that only the weak needs strength. But only those who admit their weaknesses seek and find strength because only such people will go to the true sources of strength. Apostle Paul is a good example of a servant of God who was willing to go through tough experiences in life for the sake of the gospel of Christ. He had to experience poverty and depravity of the basic means of life. But because of the love he had for Christ, he experienced the strength of Christ to suffer extreme difficulties in life. Usually when people go through such difficulties, they grumble and complain. But Paul did not complain and he willingly went through suffering. He testified that he was able to go through it all not because he had the capacity or strength, but because Christ strengthened him to go through it all without murmur. When he was in the prison after physical torture, he was able to sing songs and praise God. This ability to sing in the midst of serious physical injuries and in bondage in a prison cell was given to him by Christ through the Holy Spirit. It was a great gift from God to be able to suffer for Christ’s sake and go through it all without loosing one’s composure. In his great passion and love for Christ, he prayed for such strength which was given to him in abundance. Such grace to enjoy the strength to go through adverse circumstances boldly is a special gift from God which is available to us also for the asking.

Dear friend, are you going through adverse circumstances which are difficult and painful? Do you find it difficult to cope with such challenging experiences? Are you often tempted to complain and develop self-pity because of the intensity of your situation? Remember, when your Lord went through sufferings for us, He never complained or subjected Himself to self-pity. Apostle Paul went through intense sufferings for the sake of the cross of Christ, but he received abundance of strength from heaven to go through it all. Paul was treated unfairly and was falsely accused by the enemies of Gospel. So was Joseph in the Old Testament times. But they never wasted their strength to fight the opposing forces, but continued to do what they were entrusted to do by their Master. In times of great struggle, they received grace and strength to do what they were called upon to do. After they went through it all, they testified that there was never any shortage of grace and strength. So whether they had food or not, they were contented because of the strength they were given by God to face even starvation. This was the same when they went through loneliness in solitary confinement, intense physical torture and life situations of mean nature. But their God was with them and He gave them all the strength to go through it all and come out as victors over such situations. Difficulties could not depress them, because Christ had already won them over. This same grace is available for us today to face difficulties in our Christian life. No matter what we have to go through for the sake of the faith that we hold, our Lord will strengthen us and give us the grace to face all circumstances with boldness and humility. So dear friend, no matter what you are going through today, you can enjoy the grace and strength from the Lord to face any of your situations. He is near you and He understands your situations. He comes to you with all of the heavenly resources of patience, joy, peace and endurance in all your difficulties to come out victorious like Paul and Joseph.

Psalms 18:32 – It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.

Thought for Today

God’s strength enables His children to cope with any situation with grace, courage and patience.

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