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Verse for Today: Sunday, March 13, 2011
Matthew 14:17 – “We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish”, they answered.

God doesn’t require any serious input from man to work a miracle. All God wants is for us to admit our nothingness and emptiness to Him. When we feel that we are capable, we would not need His help in our lives. He expects us to admit our weaknesses and inadequacies to Him sincerely. When we thus become broken in our spirits, take the rags of our lives, wrap it up and give it to Him, He will take it in His hands to do great things. No matter what our failure is, if we give it to Jesus, He can turn it into great victory. He uses the weakest and the smallest to accomplish His purposes in life. But it is important that we admit our real situation of emptiness to Him. If we don’t, then it reveals our pride which God abhors. It is amazing how the disciples were willing to admit to Jesus that in order to feed several thousand people, they only had five loaves and two small fish which was barely enough for one boy. Their willingness to admit their colossal inadequacy helped them to see the great work of God in their midst. They found that it was for them to admit and submit to Jesus all their weaknesses and leave the rest to Jesus to handle. They didn’t think publicly admitting their feeble case was below their dignity. But it was an opportunity for them to put their utter faith in Jesus. Today Jesus is challenging us to admit our emptiness and submit our meager resources to Him in utter brokenness, and without embarrassment or pride. If we want to see Him work in our lives, let our lives be at His disposal to do what He wants with it. Let Him even break it into pieces so that it can end up as a great blessing to an unimaginable magnitude.

Dear friend, are you at a crossroad in your life in utter helplessness and without any way out of your situation? Do you feel at a loss as to what to do next to move forward? Is the task before you too huge for you to even attempt because of your total inadequacy to move even a small finger? You may start by looking into your heart to see if there is any degree of self and pride? If so, it is time to admit it to Jesus and tell Him how weak and helpless you are. As you are thus broken and express it before the Lord Jesus, He will take all that you are in submission to Him and work great things for His glory. Perhaps no one will know even about the meager resources you had, but all will know what the Lord has done with it for His name sake. When you thus submit all that you are and have, He will take it in His hands, break it to pieces and make use of it in marvelous ways. If you are not willing to be broken by Him, then your prospects will remain as it has always been. You will also have to realize that brokenness is a painful experience, but it is also a way to multiply what you are and have. When you thus submit yourself to Jesus, it brings glory to Him and at the same time make all around contended. You might still remain unknown just like the boy who owned the bread and the fish, but your Lord will be glorified through it all. Perhaps we have not experienced such spiritual blessings in our lives because we have not admitted our emptiness and submitted ourselves to be broken by the hands which have made us. Let us today enjoy the experience of brokenness because when our bones are broken, they can rejoice in the Lord and lead us to become everything in the Lord, though nothing in ourselves. He will give us the faith to trust Him to use us and our broken situations to bring glory to Him.

Matthew 14:18 – “Bring them here to me”, He said.

Thought for Today
God takes our smallest and weakest to make the greatest out of it if we allow Him to break it and reshape it as it pleases Him.

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