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Feasts of Day of Atonement

Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br. Amis Lopes at Assembly Bible Classes between 23rd April to 29th April.

Passage of Reference:(Lev 23.26-32)

Among these feasts, the 6th feast is a unique one. The 6th feast is referred as the Day of Atonement instead of feast. Day of atonement is also known as the “day of covering”. It means to cover the sins of a guilty person by offering a sacrifice. On this day, people used to cover their last year’s sins by Propitiation. It was done by shedding the blood of an animal (Lev 17.11)

This is the day to afflict their souls: Afflict you souls means To be sensitive for sins, to feel sorry for sins, to humble yourself. This is the not the day of happiness but the day of affliction. They will fast on that day. They will not take bath in order to feel uneasy. They will not use perfume etc. They will abstain from marital relationship. They will walk barefoot on that day. They will also read the book of Jonah on that day because the book of Jonah teaches us that man cannot flee from his God. This book also teaches the power of repentance. They knew that as Jonah could not flee from God, similarly, we cannot flee from God’s presence. They also knew as God pardon the people of Nineveh, similarly, he would also forgive the people of Israel.

This is the only day where high priest is permitted to enter in the Most Holy place (Heb 9.7, Lev 16.11-19)

As the Feast of trumpets will fulfill by the rapture of the church and regathering of Israel, similarly the Day of Atonement will be fulfilled by Israel passing from the great tribulation. Church will not go through tribulation but the children of Israel will go through the tribulation. They will have physical as well as mental sufferings (Zech 13.8-9, Hos 5.15-6.3)

Day of Atonement

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