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Feasts of Pentecost

Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br. Amis Lopes at Assembly Bible Classes between 23rd April to 29th April.

Passage of Reference:(Lev 23.15-16)

Pentecost was also known as the Feast of Weeks because they have to count seven weeks (Sabbaths) after the feast of first fruits (Lev 23.15-16). On the day of Pentecost, the dispensation of Law was over and new dispensation came into effect called dispensation of grace. The dispensation of law was for Israel, but the dispensation of grace was for both the Israel & Gentiles. Before Pentecost, there were Israel & Gentiles, but after Pentecost, we have Israel, Gentiles & the Church (1 Cor 10.32). Initially, God was mainly dealing with the nation of Israel but now after Pentecost, He is mainly dealing with the Gentiles (Acts 15.14)

In the feast of firstfruits, the priest shall wave the sheaf before the LORD (Lev 23.11), but in Pentecost, he shall wave two loaves. These two loaves are the Jews (Israelites) & the Gentiles, to whom God desired to unite them in the present dispensation of grace. Gentiles were considered as uncircumcised, dogs, aliens (Eph 2.11-13), but now through the sacrifice and faith, God has made Jews and Gentiles one new man (Eph 2.14-15)

The feast of Pentecost speaks about the coming of Holy Spirit after Lord’s ascension. This feast reminds us of the fulfillment of Lord’s promise to send another helper (Jn 14:16) who would indwell and empower the believers for ministry. This feast pointed to the gift of the Holy Spirit for both Jew and Gentile, who would be brought into the kingdom of God during the Church age. The main reason for the coming of the Holy Spirit was to form the church, to baptize believers into the fellowship of the one body (1 Cor 12. 13, Mt 3.11)
God the Son, honored the feast by offering Himself on the day of Passover. God the Father, honored the feast by raising Lord Jesus on the day of firstfruits. God the Holy, Spirit honored the feast by descending on the day of Pentecost, Similarly, we believers should honor the feast of unleavened bread by living unleavened life (holy life) till He returns or till the trumpet blows.


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