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Feasts of Trumpets

Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br. Amis Lopes at Assembly Bible Classes between 23rd April to 29th April.

Passage of Reference:(Lev 23.23-25)

Seven feasts of Jehovah can be divided into two categories, first 4 feasts, and last three feasts. The first 4 feasts were fulfilled during the first coming of our Lord, and the remaining 3 feasts will be fulfilled in His 2nd coming. The last 3 feasts are primarily for Jews. As the children of Israel start their new year with the feast of trumpets, similarly God is going to start His dealing with the nation of Israel from this feast of trumpets. God has not completely forgotten Israel (Rom 11.25-32). God will gather the children of Israel from all the parts of the world. God will forgive them and He will make them as the head of all the nations.

Feast of Trumpets – God will bring them in their land

Jews are scattered people: Majority of them live in foreign countries rather than their own country.There are so many countries where Jews are still living. God has not only blessed them in their homeland but also in the foreign countries where they live. So these Jews are well settled in other countries as high officials, businessmen etc. and now they don’t want to come back to Israel. But God will bring them back again through the feast of trumpets. Willingly or unwillingly they have to go back to Israel (Isa 27.12-13, Isa 11.11-12, Mt 24.30-31). Before Lord comes on the mount of Olives the children of Israel will already be there in their land

Bible speaks about two types of trumpet, trumpet of silver (Num 10.2) and trumpet of ram’s horn (Josh 6.4). Trumpet of silver proclaims about our salvation. Silver speaks about the price paid by Lord Jesus for our salvation. It is that proclamation (gospel call) through which God calls sinners unto Himself. Those who have believed on this gospel proclamation (after Pentecost), the trumpet will be blown soon for their rapture. Trumpet of ram’s horn proclaims about kingdom. The ram’s horn signifies the children of Israel chosen through Abraham. God will establish His throne after rapture. After rapture of the church, God will assemble the scattered children of Israel

Trumpet will be blown soon

First, the trumpet will be blown for the church (1 Cor 15.52, 1 Thes 4.16), then trumpets will blow for Israel. According to the Bible, there will be about 7 years gap between these two stages (great events). After the rapture, Israel will start coming back to their homeland. As the Israelites came to their homeland from all the corners of the World when their country was formed (1948), similarly Israelites will return to their homeland.


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