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Verse for Today: Thursday, March 31, 2011

Psalms 146:5 – Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God.

If we care to ask Jacob how he got all the blessings that he enjoyed, he will have no hesitation to tell us that all his help have come from His God. He had a series of setbacks in his life. He was homeless, friendless and poor. But God proved to him that in Him Jacob could find an Ebenezer who never changed when every thing around him changed. In spite of the weaknesses and failures of Jacob, His God was there whenever he went to Him. He left his father’s home with a staff in his hands and nothing else, but looking back at the ways by which God led him each step of the way, he found only reasons to praise Him. In Jacob’s life all things worked together for his good and for the glory of God. When the Psalmist looks at Jacob from a distance, it was easy to find a heap of blessings God had poured out to Jacob in the midst of adversities. Jacob found that God was faithful to him in spite of his own failures and weaknesses. For Jacob, God was a present help in all times of troubles. Surely, Jacob had to pay heavily for all things he did wrong, but that did not mean that God forsook him and left him as a destitute. Jacob had to move from place to place and to worse situations, but His God never changed and His grace, love and compassion were always with him. So even in the midst of depressing situations, Jacob was able to enjoy the blessings of God. He was able to put all his hope in God even in the worst scenarios of life. Just as the Psalmist found comfort in the God of Jacob, today we are also able to put all our hope and trust in Him and enjoy His true blessedness in spite of our situations. This ought to make us more thankful.

Dear friend, are you going through a tough time in life and feel like you have lost all hope? Are you penniless and friendless, and feel that you have no place to turn to for help? There is a place of hope and blessedness that you can go to and enjoy today and for the rest of your life. It is the presence of God where our Lord Jesus holds you in His hands. Even when all around you forsake you, He will not. Perhaps today you might feel penniless, but He has all the resources of Heaven to sustain you here on earth. This ought to make you live like a prince or princess. You are the son or daughter of the Heavenly King who wants you to put all your hope in Him and His resources. His children are looked after by the Lord moment by moment. There might be occasions when we are made to pay for the wrong decisions and actions we have taken in life, but that doesn’t mean that God’s care will be suspended from us at our wit’s end. You and I can always pray and ask the Lord to forgive our past and to start our lives on a clean slate all over again. God can rule and overrule all the eventualities of our lives and help us to enjoy His presence, provisions and power even in the midst of the worst of situations. Jacob became more blessed when the Lord touched and broke his thigh and made him limb, but that event was followed with greater spiritual blessings in His life. God never closed the tap of Heavenly blessings to Jacob which flowed continuously in Jacob’s and his children’s lives. He put all his hope in the Lord who never disappointed him. Let us today put all our hope in the God of Jacob who has been our Ebenezer. He will continue to provide for us and make our lives a blessing to others and us.

Psalms 147:11 – The Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.

Thought for Today

Hope in God will help us to renew our trust in His power to provide for us in all circumstances and situations.

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