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Verse for Today: Saturday, March 26, 2011
1 Samuel 17:47 – All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s.

World’s weapons like sword and spear, and its chariots are considered important factors for victory in any conflict. The people of the world glory in their armory and take a lot of pains to develop their skills in using it. Their warfare depends on these instruments and technology, but it is all proved absolutely ineffective in gaining matters of eternal value. The efficiency and sharpness of the instruments of the world do not matter for the Lord who wins all His battles for His children through the demonstration of His divine power. He doesn’t depend on technology for victory. He is not dependent on the skillfulness of the warriors nor on the strategies they adopt. He makes the warriors and their weapons redundant. His power will be demonstrated in spite of the number and size that is on the other side. He doesn’t depend on human wisdom, understanding or skills in achieving any thing. His power overshadows all human efforts in accomplishing His purpose in the world. The Lord is engaged in a war against evil and wickedness which are the landmark of the satanic forces which abound in this world. These forces that prevail all around us are fighting God’s children all the time to make us failures. These forces want to thwart the plan God has for His children. But our God is able to accomplish great things in and through the lives of His children even with simple means. He can win over the enemy by using one simple smooth stone and a crude sling in the hands of a shepherd boy who has never seen a battle before. He is the maker of wine with fresh water. He feeds thousands with five meager barley bread and two small fish. He calms the rough seas around us and stops the mighty winds simply asking them to stop. His touch is enough to make a blind see and a mute listen and speak. His words are sufficient to enliven a dead person. This power is made available for us to depend on for our daily needs of all kinds.

Dear friend, do you realize that the battle that you are engaged in today is not really yours, but the Lord’s? Perhaps you are trapped in a war of emotions by the enemy. It is likely that he fights you in the financial front through the struggles you have for your daily bread. Perhaps the battle is through slandering and misunderstanding that he creates against you. The enemy is good at creating evidences against you as he did about the Lord, His prophets and apostles. He might be pushing you out from your job or even your ministry. But remember, the battle belongs to the Lord and He uses you as an instrument in this great battle between evil and good. You are probably exasperated sometimes about your inability to fight and are afraid to face the enemy. But there is no need to fear a defeated enemy who tries to gain small victories by terrorizing God’s children and discouraging them. Perhaps the people all around you will think that your end will come soon and that you will be utterly defeated by the enemy with his sharp and powerful instruments. But there is a guarantee that when you are engaged in the battle of the Lord, He will protect you from the snares of the enemy and keep on using you to fight the battle. When you depend on the Lord absolutely and take your hands off the difficult situations you are in, He will take full control of your situation and accomplish what He wants to accomplish through you and your situation. He will demonstrate His mighty power in leading and guiding you to march from victory to victory. So, dear friend, this is not the time to be discouraged or frustrated about the intensity of the battle because your battle belongs to the Lord. He has already declared you victorious and will take glory to His name through you and your situation by the way He handles it for you. When you come out of your present situation, the whole world will be in for a pleasant surprise, but it will cause you to praise His name, and depend more on Him for the victories that you need in the days to come.

2 Chronicles 20:15 – “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s”.

Thought for Today
The invisible hands of God fight all our battles and lead us to victory every step of the way.

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