Keep thy heart with all diligence

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SBC Series of messages preached by Bro Koshi Mathew. Full text to be put up later.

Keep thy heart with all diligence
(Prov.4:23; Rom 12: 1-2)

The mind of man is his “organ” of thought. Man’s intellect, reasoning, wisdom and cleverness all pertain to the mind. Broadly speaking mind is brain. Mind is the psychological term whereas brain is the physiological term. Many a time heart and mind are interchangeably used in the Bible (Matt. 15:19; Prov. 23:7; Jn. 13:2; Lk. 8:12). Man’s head (brain) damages people more than his heart. As a youngster if you fail to guard your heart you will have to repent for it in your old age (Prov. 5:11-14).

Peer Pressure
Teens have a tendency to move in conformity with the world. It is mainly due to the peer pressure. Unbelievers walk according to the course of this world but as saints we should not move along with the current. Dead fish moves along the current. Wise king Solomon advises youngsters to flee from peer pressure. (Prov. 1: 7-19).
Unconverted mind
Unconverted mind is always in enmity with God and cannot please Him. Mainly it is blinded and influenced by Satan, world and flesh. (Rom 8:6-8; 2 Cor. 4:3-6; Col. 1:21; Ps.55:21; Eph.2:4; Rev 16:13-16)
Satan occupied Judas’ mind (Jn. 13:2).
Can Satan Influence believers’ mind? Yes he can influence. Example, David and Peter 1Chro. 21:1; Matt.16:23. He can make us forget God’s word. Matt 13:19; 1 Cor.15:2

How can we keep our heart from the influence of the modern world ?

Practical application: we can take following steps to guard our heart from peer pressure

1. Identify good friends preferably choose believing friends. That will help you to stand firm for God.
For example Daniel and his friends were under tremendous pressure. They found more joy in obeying God’s word than the king. “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself.” Dan. 1:8; 3:12-18.

2. Meditate God’s word and avoid bad company. Ps 1:1; Mal 3:16, Ps. 119:9. Example of Peter Matt. 26:58, 71-75

3. Don’t be carried away by the fashions of this world. Dinah went out to see the daughters of the land (Gen 34:1) and got corrupted. Ps 119:11

4. We should not be influenced by the philosophies and value systems of the present age such as Consumerism, Communism, Evolution, Yoga, etc.
Yoga is a pagan idea and not Biblical. Lk. 12:19-21, Matt.12: 43-45.

5. Influence of modern technology and science like TV, internet etc ; it has both advantage and disadvantage. If we can wisely manage our TIME AND MIND it will be beneficial in the long run.


Safeguard our mind from corrupt thinking and be transformed into the likeness of Christ.
(2 Cor. 10:4-6; Phil. 4:7-8; Isa. 26:3; Rom 12:2)

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