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Verse for Today: Friday, March 04, 2011
I Corinthians 14:33 – For God is not a God of disorder but of peace.

God leads His people through peace and order rather than through disorder and confusion. When one is in confusion about something, it is easy to discern that it doesn’t come from our God. At such times, it is best to keep waiting till the confusion is removed. God would never confuse His people, but He wants His people to do everything by faith under His direction. He confused the enemies of God who were proud and obstinate to gather against His plan and programs in this world, and at that time God confused them to stop disrupting God’s plan. But for His children who walk after His commandments and will, He will always send peace. So even when the enemy of our souls create confusion to make us drift from His will for our lives, He sends His peace to guide and lead us in His path. His peace takes away doubts and removes lack of clarity. His peace is often beyond human reasoning and understanding. His peace might not look intelligent or smart for the world. His peace gives His children confidence to stop from going on wrong ways, or go forward in the ways shown by the Lord. His peace makes us tarry with Him in meditation, prayer and in enquiring further on the mind of the Lord. But the world wants to push us into abrupt decisions which are often immature and a result of impatience. On the other hand, God’s peace makes us wait and relax until the green signal comes from the Lord. But confusion drags us into rash and immature decisions. Confusion and disorder push us into inventing our own methods to solving our problems rather than leaving it to the Lord. Peace comes from our Lord who is the God of order which He has demonstrated through all His creation. He speaks to us today through all creation that He wants to instill the same order and peace in our lives if we trust Him to take full charge of our lives.

Dear friend, are you experiencing confusion and chaos in your affairs today? Are you at a loss as to how to move forward and which direction to take in life? Is your life one of moving from alternatives to newer alternatives with no clarity and order of thinking? Are you finding it difficult to make decisions in life to keep moving forward in the will of God? Do you have confusions about the will of God in your life? Remember, the God of peace and order is with you all the time. He rules in your heart as the sole authority of your life because He owns you once by creation, and then by recreation through Calvary. But He will use His authority over your life only to the extent to which you permit Him to make decisions for you. If you want to resent Him and go your way, He will not force His decisions on you. If you do not want His decisions, you will have the freedom to go your way and pick up all the consequences. But His Spirit will continue to speak to you about the way that He wants you to follow. His Word and Spirit live in you to guide you, and He uses your sanctified conscience and imagination to also work in and for you. He speaks to you through the teachings and counsel from His servants. He gives you determination as you sit in prayer and meditation in His holy presence. His Spirit will prevail over the confusions and disorders that the enemy will create through manipulation of your circumstances, situations and affairs and through people. You might be given wrong signals through superstitions of various kinds by the enemy. But when the Lord speaks to you, His directions will be clear and unambiguous with spiritual order and expediency. May He guide you today in all that you do so that you will move forward for Him in His ways and according to His direction in peace and order to glorify Him through your life!

Philippians 4:7 – And the peace of God which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Thought for Today
God’s peace and order will prevail over the confusions temporarily created by the enemy through the manipulation of circumstances and people.

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