Br. Phil Coulson: BURNT OFFERING [Sermon]

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Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br.Phil Coulson at Christian Believers’ Assembly, Cantonment Aurangabad on 10 June,2011

Passage of Reference : Leviticus 1:1-10

In this 2nd sermon, the continuation of the exposition on Levitical Sacrifices, Bro. Phil Coulson presents to us the Burnt Offering: the first of the sweet smelling sacrifices to God. Through this message, we learn why the Spirit of God chooses to place sweet smelling sacrifices, which equip us with what we lack, before the non-sweet smelling offerings for sin- which removes all that defiles. Learn of the true meaning of propitiation, and why the new testament never uses terms like atonement and pardon with respect to our salvation. Learn also of the Lord Jesus Christ being our garment of salvation, making us acceptable to the holy gaze of God, much like the Burnt Offering was to the offerer. Let this message draw you, dear saint, to offer higher, richer worship to God which blesses Him for what Christ means to Him and not just for what Christ means to us.

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