Penuel: Jacob's Encounter with God- Br Tijumon Chacko, Kerala [Malayalam- English]

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Posted Below is the sermon delivered by Br. Tijumon Chacko, Kerala at Borivali Assembly on 12th Feb,2011. The sermon was delivered in Malayalam and translated into English.

Penuel means- Meeting God Face to Face. God chose this place to deal with Jacob’s life personally. It became the place, where God changed Jacob’s name to Israel. It was the place where God touched Jacob. God dealt with Jacob in a special way so much that, when Jacob left Penuel, the sun rose upon him.

Br. Tijumon Chacko listing spiritual truths on Penuel- where Jacob encountered God, argues the point, that every Christian should have a Penuel experience to boast of.

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Penuel: Jacob’s Encounter with God- Br Tijumon Chacko

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