Br. Koshy Mathew- PSALM 23: SUMMARY- Class 12

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Posted here is the sermon delivered by Br.Koshy Mathew as a part of the series of sermons on Psalm 23.

This is the 12th sermon in the series. For complete sermon series, visit

The Message is delivered in English and translated into Malayalam

Br. Charlie John: 5 ASPECTS OF THE CHURCH- Matthew 21:12-17 English- Hindi Sermon

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Passage of Reference : Matthew 21:12-17

Br. Charlie John brings to our attention 5 important aspects, mentioned of the Temple of God in Jerusalem, when Lord Jesus Christ cleansed it. In the old testament, the Temple of God was materialistic and structural, but in 1 Peter 2:4-6, the church is said to be spiritual. Expounding these 5 fundamental characteristics of the church, Br Charlie exhorts the saints to stay true to the plan of God regarding the church as of follows

1. It is the House of God
2. It is the House of Prayer
3. It is an Holy House
4. It is the House of Healing
5. It is the House of Praise

Br. Santhosh Thomas – 4 TITLES OF A CHRISTIAN – English- Hindi Sermon

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Long before the word ‘Christian’ was coined, believers were known by various different words and titles. Expounding from Acts 9, Br. Santhosh Thomas draws various practical lessons from the 4 titles used to refer to Christians.

Passage of reference: Acts 9

1. DISCIPLES – Acts 9:1
2. PEOPLE OF THIS WAY – Acts 9:2
3. SAINTS – Acts 9:13
4. BRETHREN – Acts 9:30

Dr. Alexander Kurian: BACKDROP OF GREAT COMMISSION [Sermon]

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Br Alexander Kurian takes us back to the most vital and fundamental passages in the Scripture. Though found in 4 different places across the scripture, great commission turns out to be the greatest omission in a Christian’s life. Drawing attention to the backdrop and circumstances under which this commission was giving; Br Kurian shows how the great commission was given to a incompetent, doubtful lot of fishermen. It was given in the backdrops of failures, doubts, worship and obedience. Prejudice was abolished before the Lord gave the charge to the 12 disciples.

Studying the backdrop of Great Commission, will encourage a believer to arise out of his incompetency, inabilities, failures, doubts and be involved in the highest vocation of a Saint.

Br.Koshy Mathew – CHRISTIAN AND HIS MONEY :Luke 12:16-21 [English-Hindi Sermon]

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Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br.Koshy Mathew at Borivali Assembly on 22nd May,2011.

Passage of Reference : Luke 12:16-21

Br.Koshy Mathew expounding from the parable of the rich fool in Luke12:16-21, draws attention to three reasons why Lord called him a fool

1)He completely excluded God form his life and didn’t believe in Him.
2)He failed to realize that he has to give his life back to God
3)He accumulated wealth for this life and nothing for eternity

Attitude that a Christian holds for his money, is an indicator his spiritual health.

Br.Varghese Kurian,Kerala- CHURCH AND CHURCHES [English-Hindi]

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Posted Below is the Sermon delivered by Br. Varghese Kurian, at Maharashtra Church Conference in the year 2009.

‘CHURCH AND CHURCHES’ is the inaugural message delivered by Br.Varghese Kurian at Maharashtra Church Conference, 2009. Br. Kurian explicitly defining the various meanings of the word ‘church’, as it appears in the scripture, and delving into the fundamentals of the doctrine of Church; sets the pitch for the remaining sermons to be delivered at the conference.

Br. Phil Coulson, Scotland- ISRAEL AND GREAT TRIBULATION [English-Hindi Sermon ]

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Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br. Phil Coulson at the Maharashtra Prophecy Conference.

Br. Coulson speaks about the change that God intended when He changed Jacob’s name to Israel. It was a transformation of a worm to a prince. But quoting the Scripture from Jeremiah 30, Br. Coulson explains how Jacob’s trouble will be the most painful experience for the nation of Israel. And it will be followed by the millennial reign of Christ, when Israel’s joy will be fulfilled in Him.

Br. Phil Coulson, Scotland- THE LORD'S SUPPER [English-Hindi Sermon]

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Posted below is the sermon delivered by Br. Phil Coulson of Scotland at the Maharashtra Prophecy Conference, 2009.

In this sermon, Br. Coulson highlights the difference between the Lord’s Table (1 Cor 10) and the Lord’s Supper (1 Cor 11) and touches upon the believers’ ministry to angels. While the Lord’s Table represents the spiritual provision we enjoy from God every moment of the day, the Lord’s Supper is a weekly proclamation of the redeeming power of the Lord’s death; much like the annual celebration of the Passover was for Israel. Br. Coulson brings out how the only three visible acts done by Assemblies: Believer’s Baptism, Head Covering of the women, and the Lord’s Supper, are actions that ‘make known the manifold wisdom of God’ to His angels (Eph 3:10, I Cor 11:10). Through this sermon, the Spirit of God mightily uses Br. Coulson to elicit the headship and glory of Christ that pervades the doctrines and practices of His church.