ENOCH WALKED WITH GOD – Br. Godly Abraham – [Audio sermon]

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Enoch maintained a testimony before God which pleased him. About him we read that “he pleased God” (Heb 11:5). He lived in a desperately wicked society. The world then was pervaded by entertainment, violence, men busy with their work and immorality. Gen 4:19,20,21 and 23 speak of the times of Enoch. Yet Enoch maintained a pleasing testimony before God. At the age of 65, Enoch received a message that Judgement would come when his son dies. Based on this message, he names his son Methuselah which meant “After he dies, judgement will come”. So profound was the effect of the message that Enoch named his son after the message of God.Not only did he ensure that Methuselah was brought up in the ways of God but Noah his great grandson was also brought in the fear of the Lord. Methuselah lived 969 years and it showed God’s long suffering relationship with man that he would delay his judgement till Methuselah lived the longest life any man has lived. In this message, Enoch’s life and times are analysed. Enoch received a second message in Jude 14 and that message is concerning the second coming of the Lord. Enoch’s first message has been fulfilled and as surely as the Lord who gave the first message lives, the second message will also be fulfilled. Enoch’s testimony should encourage us to have a close relationship with God.