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Verse for Today: Monday, January 03, 2011
Psalms 105:39 – He spread out a cloud as a covering, and a fire to give light at night.

When God’s children go through difficulties in this world, God deals with it all through His kindness. He knows what they will go through in life which is part of His plan for them. But when He sends them through sunny and hot world, He would not like them to be affected by the heat and become weary. So He appoints a cloud to travel above them to prevent the sun rays and heart from falling on them. It is a covering for them like holding an umbrella. God seem to feel the heat when His children go through the heat and He shows compassion to them by giving them a covering. This reminds us of the conversation the risen Lord Jesus had with Soul of Tarsus at the Damascus Gate that when Soul was persecuting the church, Jesus felt it was persecution to Him. So was the case with the people of Israel who were suffering the heat of the desert and God had sympathy with them and gave them a natural umbrella. O, what a concern our God has towards His beloved children! He also made sure that they do not lose the way in the darkest nights, and so He gave them a pillar of fire to go before them to show them the way. He did a similar miracle for the Magi when they came to see Baby Jesus. God’s concern and care for His children are demonstrated through such providence, for He knows our present and future needs. When the needs arise, He is already there with His aid and support so that we would not need to suffer in any way. He also wants us to look at these benevolent providences of God to understand the heart of God in His special provisions for His children. How much we ought to be grateful to Him for His thoughtfulness and caring for His children!

Dear friend, your God would not suffer you to endure the heat and the darkness of this world as you sojourn. He knows your situation so well as to provide just the right provision for you at the right time. But His desire is not that you stay under the umbrella He provides for you and to keep possessing the umbrella, but to know the God of the umbrella and the pillar of light, and keep moving on your pilgrimage. We are not to hide under the security of the provisions made by the Lord because these provisions are all temporary. But our real security is the Lord Himself. We must confide in Him and glory in Him rather than glory in the provisions He makes for us. So let us not glory in our job, farm, business or any other means of survival, but to thank the Lord who made available these provisions to continue to serve Him. Beware of the treachery of the world system which tries to make us totally sold out for the provisions that we need for daily living and forget to really live for the Lord on a daily basis. Let us take the challenge not to love the provisions, but to show gratitude to the Provider. The experience of the Israelites also teach us that we need to lift up our heads and look up unto the Lord for all our needs rather than manufacture it ourselves, because any protection or guidance that we make out of our worldly intelligence will not really meet our needs to our satisfaction. If we drink the lukewarm water provided by the broken cisterns of this world, we will be thirsty again. So let us look unto the Spring of Living Water to give us all that we need so that we would not need to go around for the mercy of the world system and its agents. Let us continue to confide in the Lord and put all our trust in Him because there is no shadow of turning with Him.

Psalms 91:4 – He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Thought for Today
The best security for a child of God is the cover that can be found under the wings of the Lord.

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