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Amazing divine responses!

Verse for Today: Saturday, March 24, 2012

Luke 5:26 – Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, “We have seen remarkable things today.”

We witness sad and difficult things each day in this world. These break our hearts and take away our peace. It also makes us restless and wonder about the future of this world and our life in it. But if we listen to God each day through His Word, we would find peace and hope. First of all, the Word shows us the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, we read and understand the mind of God through His Word. Thirdly it gives us instructions about how to face the various challenges in this world. The Word of God satisfies us and drives us forward with courage and confidence in God. When Jesus ministered in this world, the people who listened to Him and witnessed His miracles were amazed because no one else ever spoke like Him or acted like Him. His speech and actions revealed the glory of God. It caused people to praise God for Jesus and the words that they heard from Him. When they heard Him, it was not difficult to realize that He was indeed the Messiah. When they experienced His divinity, they were all filled with wonder and awe. They felt that what they heard were remarkably great things about life, heaven and God. These words of Jesus gave them hope in a hopeless world. In the backdrop of Roman imperialistic oppression, the people found hope for deliverance in the words of Jesus. We have the same privilege today as we read the Word of the Lord coming to us with the same power and magnificence. In our world where there is full of instability, insecurity and ill-will, the Word of God gives us stability, security, peace, confidence, hope and joy. As we read the Word of God, we can catch a vision of the risen Lord on its pages which will fill us with the wonder and awe of the Lord. Its remarkable teachings give us healing, comfort, rest and happiness in spite of our difficult circumstances. It prompts us to worship the Lord and set apart our lives for His service.

Dear reader, if you are thirsty for the Word of Life, the place to go today is to the Lord of Life. In His presence you will be able to read and meditate on His Word which will give you hope for the future. His Word will help you to see the glory of the risen Lord Jesus who is seated on the Throne. His Word will sooth your weary and wounded heart. His Word comforts you in the heat of your wilderness journey. It is the water of life to quench your inner thirst. It is the bread of life to satisfy your spiritual hunger. It gives you direction in the pathways of this crooked world. When you see the Lord’s glory, you will be lost in its wonder and awe and truly worship Him. There is enough comfort to all who go to the Word searching for answers to their queries. Life poses a lot of questions for which the world cannot give any answers because the world doesn’t have any answers. These puzzles can be answered only by God through His Word. There are remarkable truths in the Word which the modern technology cannot understand or evaluate. It makes even the illiterate persons wise. The Word helps us to touch God by faith. The remarkable promises given to us by God in His Word are available to all of us if we go to Him with a contrite heart and humble spirit. Today let us remind ourselves of this great reservoir of comforting truth available for us to enjoy God’s favor. It will make ourselves lost in the wonder and awe of our Lord and saturate ourselves with His beauty and glory.

Psalms 16:6 – The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.

Thought for Today

There is a remarkable message from God today to help us handle all the challenges, issues and concerns we are faced with.

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