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Burden Bearer!

Verse for Today: Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Psalms 68:19 – Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.  

Human life is filled with burdens, cares and concerns which fill our days. When some burdens are sorted out, others emerge in its place demanding greater attention and energy. There are physical, emotional and social burdens in the areas of finances, health, relationships, occupation and assets. All life we fight out these burdens with the help of experience, expertise and environment. The world is out there to extend help and support which often only add to our burdens rather than take it away. The world solves our financial problems and makes us debtors. They resolve one health problem and expose us to several newer issues. Its lukewarm water increases our thirst and its Vanity Fair makes us slaves to its attractions. Its expertise breaks far more relationships than what it tries to mend. Satisfaction in most jobs is very poor, yet we work to earn more and more and thus become slaves to materialism. But we can find that God alone can lift our burdens and handle our concerns. He detaches us from our earthly burdens and attaches us to the divine. He bears our burdens and makes us free. When we are tired of carrying our burdens, He carries us along with our burdens in His hands. Our emotional burdens are often our reaction to events in our lives and individuals linked with us. But these burdens are a bridge between us and our Lord when He comes to carry it for us as on a daily basis. When He helps us with our burdens, our yoke becomes easy and our burden light. But if we try to carry these burdens in our own strength, we will go weary and tired physically, emotionally and spiritually. When He is ready, willing and capable to carry our burdens, there is no need for us to carry it ourselves and feel miserable. We can bury our burdens at the foot of the cross. Our Lord helps us to lighten our load and give us hope to keep going. He who strengthened Paul, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Samuel, Moses, Jacob, David and Job in their burdens will help and sustain us also.

Dear friend, perhaps you are carrying some physical, emotional or spiritual burden today? Are you getting tired and weak as the burden becomes heavier day by day? But there is abundance of grace in the presence of the Lord for His children who carry burdens. Burdens are often a mark of our concern for things around us. We are instructed to carry burdens of other believers and help reduce the weight others carry in their lives.  But there is a place of quiet rest in the presence of the Lord where we can go moment by moment and place our burdens in His hands with which He carries all of us. When we give our burdens to the Lord in prayer, He carries it for us and helps us to do what we need to do. His Word and Spirit will comfort us and wipe our tears away as we carry our burdens and walk with Him. When the burden is too heavy for us, He will carry us along with our burdens in His hands. Let not the weight of the burden you carry discourage or weaken you in your faith.  If your Lord has promised to carry your burdens, there is really no justification for you also to carry it. No burden comes to you without His knowledge. He has divine purposes in allowing you to carry burdens, and in the process you will grow stronger in faith. Let us praise the Lord for the burdens we are made to carry and lessons He is teaching us through it all. 

Psalms 55:22 – Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.  

Thought for Today

Burden bearing is a partnership when we carry our burdens and our Lord carries us.

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord Jesus: Help me to praise You for the lessons of faith You have taught me today. Amen!

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