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Captivating dwelling place!  
Verse for Today: Saturday, January 12, 2013
Psalms 26:8 – I love Your sanctuary, Lord, the place where Your glorious presence dwells.
Only those who know God personally will be able to love Him and His abode. David had the great privilege to know God personally as his Shepherd, Lord, Deliverer, Restorer, Protector and Provider. God was his counselor, guide, teacher and the center of his life. David had experienced the providence and protection of God so many times. When he was brokenhearted, lonely, miserable, frustrated and fearful, he had the urge to go to the presence of his God to experience His healing, friendship, hope and deliverance. David spent a lot of time with God in His presence and experienced heaven on earth. He knew what it was to be touched by God and to experience His restoration in his soul. He saw the glory of God through His leading, guidance, direction and comfort. He recognized the glory of God in creation. He was also able to see God in the way he had been sustained and delivered in times of great difficulties. Such rich experiences made David sing about the thrill in dwelling in the tabernacle of God forever. David knew something about the everlasting throne and the kingdom of our Lord. As he spent time in God’s presence, David was captivated by the beauty, decorum, dignity and awesomeness of God’s glory and was lost in the wonder and awe of God’s magnificence. David realized that God’s sanctuary and His dwelling place would be the only solace for him in the midst of all his troubles. He coveted the presence of God more than anything else in this world and desired to be there to ward of all the miseries of his life. David’s testimony challenges us today to go to God’s presence and dwell there for as long it would be humanly possible to get victory over the cares of this world.

Dear friend, do you recognize that each time you spend with the Lord, your burdens are lifted and you enjoy God’s comfort? The sweetness that we derive as we sit in His presence takes away all the bitterness that this life leaves us with. In His presence all our miseries turn to joy and our dissatisfaction turns to bright hope. Our sunken souls are lifted to heights of peace and contentment as we sit in His presence. When we sit and talk to the Lord, don’t we feel that we are talking to the Person who understands us better than all others in this world! In fact, there is no misunderstanding and misinterpretation when we talk to the Lord because He understands us perfectly. He understands even our groaning and sighs when we find it difficult to express our miserable feelings to Him. The more we sit in His sanctuary, the greater will be our love for Him. The longer we talk to Him, the sweeter will He be to us. When we see Him in His glory, all our problems, difficulties, challenges, concerns, fears, anxieties and conflicts will be lost in His brightness. His glory will flow into our hearts and lives to show us things the way He sees it. We will thus be able to discern His will, priorities and agenda for us and live accordingly. Our hopelessness will turn to bright hope for the future as we sit at His dwelling place. Moreover, we will get used to Him, His presence and His glory which will fill us with great desire for Him and His will in our lives. It is a wonderful experience to live daily in God’s presence to appreciate and appropriate the great inheritance that is kept for us. The more we see His glory, the greater will be our desire for Him and His presence.
Psalms 84:4 – Blessed are those who dwell in Your presence; they are ever praising You.

Thought for Today
When we see the glory of our Lord, our eyes will be dim to the world’s glittering things and bitter problems.

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