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Deeper trust, greater rejoicing!

Verse for Today: Thursday, August 11, 2011

Psalms 33:21 –
In (the Lord) our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His holy name.

Rejoicing is a state of the expression of exceeding joy and happiness. It is the true and exuberant expression of internal bliss. It encompasses a person’s body and soul. It is exceeding joy which affects one’s total personality. Rejoicing person often forgets about him and expresses his true joy involving his every faculty. This kind of joy comes to us when something wonderful happens to us. For ordinary people such joy is situational. When something good happens to them, they will be exuberant, but it wanes away when situations become cloudy. But for the children of God, such joy is the result of the consistent inner peace, contentment, thankfulness, sense of security and hope that they find in the Lord. These inner feelings and certainties come to them when they enjoy divine assurance about all their situations as they trust in the Lord. Then He fills their hearts with the confidence to keep holding on to Him and His promises for everything in their lives. Thus when they enjoy unexplainable and deep peace and security, there is no cause for anxiety or apprehension in their hearts. Their faith becomes strong in the Lord and His ability to look after all their affairs. So instead of being anxious about their tomorrows, they enjoy the certainty of their ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ in the Lord. They hold on to the assurance that because He looks after their affairs, they can leave their uncertain tomorrows to Him. They do not any longer have any confusions or doubt about their tomorrows because their Lord knows about their tomorrows. Their trust in the Lord helps them to believe that all things are possible with their Lord and that He has already gone before them to make their way forward. This certainty fills their hearts with joy unspeakable and makes them rejoice in the Lord.

Dear reader, do you have rejoicing life in spite of your circumstances, or are you depressed about the clouds in your horizon? Are you forgetting to enjoy the grace that the Lord has given you for today? Do you happen to dwell in an imaginary future which looks bleak? Do you have a negative thought pattern and assume that things might go wrong tomorrow? Are you expecting a rainy day and worrying about it while the Lord has given you an umbrella of promises to carry with you to protect you from the eventualities of the future? Remember, you are under the wings of the Lord and He is carrying you on His shoulders. He has already gone before you and prepared your way. He knows all that is going to happen to you in your tomorrows and has made provisions for your well-being as you live to serve Him. The enemy of your soul might be sending you a bleak picture about your future. But if you trust in the Lord who knows your tomorrows, you will have Him with you to face your tomorrows. Remember, He is the maker of your tomorrows and has you in His mind as tomorrow unfolds in front of you. When this assurance is allowed to pervade your whole being, it will send streams of joy and happiness in your whole person with the expressions of rejoicing. The enemy of our souls trembles when he sees a rejoicing child of God. He can’t withstand the scene of a child of God who fully trusts in God and facing the future courageously and joyfully. So he will try to confuse your mind and shake your faith. But let us look instead unto the Lord, just like Peter who walked on the water, and take courage to walk on the difficult terrains of life. Let us look unto the author and finisher of our faith and march forward with a rejoicing heart.

Philippians 4:4 – Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again; Rejoice.

Thought for Today

Rejoicing stems from deeper trust in the Lord and resultant faith and confidence.

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