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Desert School!

Verse for Today: Saturday, May 05, 2012

Psalms 136:16 – To Him who led His people through the desert, His mercy endures for ever.

It is very difficult to think that a merciful God would lead His dear children through the desert. Desert is a hard place with parching heat, thick dust and no shade or water to cool off. Added to it all is the loneliness that is experienced in the desert. No one knows when the desert journey would end as we are unable to see the other side of a desert. There are no pathways and no one knows which way to take forward. In other words, a journey through the desert is without any hope for survival. One can only see frustrating series of mirages there. But it pleases our Lord to send us through the desert to experience the total helplessness of human wisdom to escape. It is when we are totally helpless that we depend on the Lord who is the only hope for us. When our vision and health fail in the most unfavorable circumstances, our Lord comes to us as with His all-sufficiency. He then becomes our shade in the heat. He is our Living Water to quench our thirst. He becomes our heavenly bread to satisfy us in our desert experiences. He is our way through the hot sand and He gives direction when we loose our way. When we loose hope, He becomes our hope in the deserts of life. Not only that, He leads us by our hand and walks in front of us lest we are sidetracked and detoured. It is in the Lord’s divine plan to lead His people through such a helpless and least desirable place to teach us dependency and trust. But He goes before us in the desert and prepares our way forward. He fills our hearts with faith to trust Him every step of the way. He is our light in the night as we walk through the desert. No matter how long it takes for His people to reach their destination, His provisions and presence are guaranteed throughout the journey. This is why they are able to sing songs to praise and worship Him even during the desert journey.

Dear friend, are you feeling like you are going through a desert experiences in life today? Do you feel the unbearable heat of the desert in the various life situations you pass through? Are you growing weary because the journey is long and there is no end to the ordeal that you are in? Do you ever wonder about the mercy of your Lord and try to understand the goodness that can come out of such desert experiences? But these experiences are for you to learn to trust the Lord in all circumstances. Perhaps you are going through a fiery furnace, a dungeon or a lion’s den. But in all your circumstances, your Lord is with you to protect you and lead you forward. He takes away all your apprehensions and hopelessness. He reassures you of His presence and resources to lead you forward. His angels encompass around you to protect you from all evil. The Lord travels with you each step of the way and He never leaves you nor forsakes you. He has invested His love and grace in your heart and He is interested in His investment to grow. He is making you a light so that others will be able to see the way through your life. He has given you His Spirit who will fill you with Himself and His Word to enable you to sing even in your desert. He holds your hands and makes you walk according to your pace and reassures you that He is with you to strengthen you and to take you forward. When the heat is so unbearable, He invites you to come to His cool waters and graze on His green pastures. If you gaze at Him, your weariness will vaporize and you will be filled with comfort, contentment and consolation. Remember, you are able to lean on to the everlasting arms of the Lover of your soul. This world is a desert for His children and their only comfort comes from the Lord.

Song of Songs 8:5- Who is this coming up from the desert leaning on her lover?

Thought for Today

God’s school of faith holds classes in the desert to teach His children how to weather away its heat and hopelessness.
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