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Verse for Today: Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Psalms 34:19 – A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.

Human life is a series of troubles of various kinds. It has its ups and downs at unexpected times. These troubles come to man because he is a sinner and he lives in a sinful world. But the righteous person has more troubles. He lives in a sinful world as God’s child and based on God’s righteousness. When we live as God’s children, we are enemies of all that God hates. All that is inimical to God become our enemies also. These enemies fight us in our bodies in the form of sickness, in our souls as emotional aberrations, and in our spirits as temptations. These enemies of God also try to manipulate our situations and relationships and give us troubles in our job situations, families, finances, businesses and neighbourhoods. Some troubles are also in our lives because of our thoughtlessness and carelessness. All of these end up in various difficulties and afflictions in our lives on a daily basis. Thus the life of a child of God is a series of troubles and often they have more troubles than others who are around them. But when others depend on human wisdom, intelligence, strategies and creativity to get out of their troubles and use their money power or influence to solve their troubles, God’s children have a greater source to go to in getting out of their troubles. We can go to our Lord who understands our situations and the intensity of our troubles. He knows our incapacity to handle these troubles. So He has given us His Spirit to guide us in making the right decisions in all situations. If we do not quench or grieve the Spirit, He will speak to us through our conscience, spirit and also through His Word to give us His instructions to get out of trouble or to handle trouble His way. The Lord also directly interferes in all our situations in natural as well as supernatural ways to change things around us. Above all, He gives us His peace which passes all understanding in our difficulties.

Dear reader, are you under pressure from the troubles you are facing today? It is likely that your troubles are increasing day by day because when the enemy knows that you are growing more in your trust in your Lord, he will put more pressure on you with more troubles. But there is no need for you to feel miserable because of your troubles because your Lord knows all about it. He knows how to deliver you from it all and has a plan for your deliverance. But He demands that you hand your situations over to the Lord and take your hands off. He doesn’t want you to use your human effort to get out of your difficulties, but to use the wisdom which He gives you. He wants you to ask Him for help and He will then be a present help in all situations. When we admit to the Lord that we are unable and incompetent to handle our situations ourselves, and seek His face to help us, He will help us. When we wait for His wisdom at His presence, we will be renewed in our spirits with His Spirit to handle our troubles. He will give us instructions about what to do when and how to do it. But all the time, the Lord will be at work for you. David could experience the work of the Lord in his life when he went through a series of troubles. The Lord delivered him from it all one by one. For delivery form each trouble, he had to depend on the Lord completely. The Lord was with David when he faced death and took him out of it and placed him on the throne in Israel. He filled David’s heart with melodious songs which became the songs of praise Israel used in praising the Lord who delivers them all in their times of difficulties. The same Lord is with us today to deliver us from our troubles and equip us to march forward in a victorious procession.

Psalms 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Thought for Today
When we walk through the fiery furnace of trouble, our Lord walks with us, talks with us, teaches new us lessons in trust and takes us out of it unhurt.

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