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Eternal pathway!
Verse for Today: Saturday, December 22, 2012
Isaiah 9:6b – And His name shall be called Everlasting Father.

The source or originator of anything is usually called its father. Eternal life flows to man from Jesus Christ who is the Eternal or Everlasting Father. Even as a babe in Bethlehem, He was the source of eternal life to the sinful world. He who had no timeliness came out of that and entered into our time and so He had to become a babe. The Jewish community and the Roman Empire thought that they killed Him, but He yielded His spirit to His Father in Heaven. He had the right to give up His life for a short time and entrust it with the Father and to take it back. He stepped back into eternity and above timeliness in order to usher the repentant man into the eternal state. Today He gives the believing man eternal life through His mighty power which is His most wonderful act. He counsels man and admonishes him to accept the eternal life that is freely offered to him. As the source of eternal life, Jesus values everything that we do in the light of eternity. He values us and our deeds from the point of view of eternity. He came to this world to bring Heaven to us and wants to take us to Heaven with Him. As He was born a babe, He wants all of us to be born again because our original birth in Adam is null and void due to sin. The story of nativity speaks to the world today to be born in God’s eternal family. Thus when we become members of the family of God in Heaven, He expects our character, attitude and goals to become eternal and heavenly. All that we do on the earth will have to have eternal relevance. Today let us invest our heart, soul and life to accomplish eternal goals. The Lord Jesus will supply us with resources to invest in endeavors which have eternal value. In the process, our sustenance is also looked after by Him.

Dear friend, are you sure that you possess eternal life? Are your goals and aspirations eternal or temporal? Are you using all the resources God has given you for eternal purposes? Are you more concerned about amassing for your tomorrows or investing those in your eternity so that you would be able to see splendid results when you reach heaven? Jesus has given us the privilege to trust Him for all our tomorrows. He wants us to exercise our trust in Him on the basis of the promises He has given us. He has promised us His presence and power to live for Him. These promises are eternally secure in Heaven and that not a syllable from it will go invalid. His Spirit is given to us to lead and guide in the decisions that we make all of which should be relevant to eternity. If we miss opportunities that are given to us, it is eternal and irrecoverable loss. If we are given resources, our use of it has eternal purpose. If we do not use it for the purpose for which it is given to us, it is again an eternal loss. This is because we are eternal beings with eternal purposefulness in God’s agenda. As we are engaged in eternal purposes in our lives, our Lord will look after our temporal affairs by meeting all our physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. So when we look back at the manger in Bethlehem, our Lord is there as the Father of Eternity, speaking to us about how much He values us for eternity. Today let us take the challenge from the Father of Eternity and reorganize our lives, thoughts, desire, priorities, likes, dislikes, material assets and knowledge to use it in avenues which will bring forth eternal results. As we walk the eternal pathway, our Lord will take care of all our needs on the way.

2 Peter 3:13 – But in keeping with His promise we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.

Thought for Today
When we involve in the eternal and the divine, our Lord will involve in our temporal needs.

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