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Expression of emotions!

Verse for Today: Sunday, April 15, 2012

Psalms 77:1 – I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice, and He gave ear unto me.

Crying is an expression of grief, loss, failure, anguish, deep frustration and pain in a person’s life. It comes out of a heavy and sad heart which is sobbing and lamenting because of hurt of various kinds. It is accompanied with tears, gasp and such other outward signs which demonstrate deep agony. Asaph, the temple musician, had such an experience of crying before God because of the deep needs of his heart. His crying was expressed in the sad song that he sang in the presence of God. His heart was heavy with the needs of his life in a very hostile environment. He had no other place to go with his burdens. He was groaning before God and felt that his spirit was experiencing faint within him. He couldn’t sleep because of deep distress. He waited for an answer from the Lord about his difficulties, but the answer was slow to come. Asaph was also burdened about God’s people whom he was serving. He felt shaken all over and was overwhelmed about the problems he encountered. As he expressed his feelings, emotions and frustrations before God, he received the comfort that he was part of God’s sheep whom He is leading in their wilderness experience. He learned that the Lord’s ways are through the seas, thunder, lightening, dark clouds and deep waters. But the comfort God gave to His children was that in all of these rough patches of life, their Lord was with them to lead them victoriously. He also learned that the Lord hears the cries of His children, shows compassion and leads them a day at a time. Under His wings, His children would find comfort and strength. Through it all, the Lord leads His children to strengthen their faith and gives them courage to face their situation and become victorious.

Dear reader, are you going through a time of deep anguish in life which makes you helpless like a baby in your peculiar situation? Do you feel emotionally weak and tired because of the heat of your scenario? Are you suffering in loneliness because there is no one to support and strengthen you? Are all your dear ones rejecting and resenting you and withdrawing sympathy and love in your experience of rough waters and fire? Today you are encouraged to go to the presence of your Lord who wants you to experience His deep and unfathomable love. He wants to reassure you that He is holding your hands to lead you forward like a sheep in the company of its loving shepherd. He wants to lead you to His green pastures where you will find graceful grazing and quiet rest. He wants you to know that even when you go through unexplainable difficulties, He is with you and will not allow you to through it all alone. In fact He is leading you through it all to teach you wonderful lessons about total dependence on Him and nothing else. He shows you a step at a time so that you would learn to walk each step by faith and trust Him for the next step forward. There is no retreating with the Lord as He always leads forward. He fills your heart with hope for a brighter tomorrow. In all His ways, He never leaves you alone, but goes with you. Your walk is a learning experience in faith. He meets all your needs as you walk with Him. When your heart is heavy, He will wipe your tears and cheers you up with rays of hope even through the darkest clouds. Today it is your blessed privilege to cry before your Lord who will listen to your sobbing and meet all your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs according to His vast resources which are prepared and kept ready for you to draw from it each day according to your needs. He wants you to enjoy the freedom to express your anguishes before your Lord with tears and find ways to take another step forward by faith.

Psalms 34:15 – The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their cries.

Thought for Today

Your Lord’s heart melts when His children express their deep emotions before Him with tears.

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