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Fearless faith!

Verse for Today: Monday, December 23, 2013

Luke 8:50 – Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid, just believe, and she will be healed.”  

Our times are filled with impossibilities and hopelessness. Our hopeless circumstances often make us discouraged. We sometimes receive information about our situations which drain away all our courage and confidence and plunge us into the fear of its consequences. The enemy of our soul makes our circumstances grow more and more complicated. The faithless world talks about its impossibilities and unbelief. But all the time, our God is at work in our situations to bless us and remove our fears. He has answers to our burdens and fears and works to encourage and strengthen us. He wants us to grow in our faith and sometimes delays to rest our faith in His power to handle our situations. He wants us to believe that He will be able to deliver us from our difficulties against all odds. Perhaps things look hopeless for us today, like that of Jairus. His religiosity did not help him in his difficulty. But it was commendable that he invited Jesus into his house to take control of his hopeless situation. We often find Jesus delaying to come, and we are puzzled at the traffic blocks on the way, as experienced by Jairus. But we must realize that even though our need is greatest for us, Jesus knows how He is going to handle our case and might delay His action to test and strengthen our faith further. Perhaps what He is doing in other lives around us is not only for them, but also for us to boost our faith and courage. If He is able to heal a chronically ill woman, He will definitely be able to do great things in our lives also.

Dear friend, are you weary and distressed about your difficult circumstances today? Are you on the verge of losing all hope and ready to give up? Do you feel that all odds are against you including the delay of Jesus?  But these are the doubts the enemy is creating in our hearts through our circumstances. We do not need to abandon our hope in Jesus because of what happens in our situations because the Lord of all circumstances is with us. He is working in our lives in spite of circumstances. No matter what kind of hindrance is seen in our situations, the Lord is preparing us and our circumstances to demonstrate His solutions to our problems. Perhaps you are burdened about a member of your family who is not yet saved? You might be waiting for a job or solution to a difficult financial situation. You might be praying for the Lord to remove a misunderstanding the enemy has caused in the minds of others about you. It might be that there is not much visible result in your ministries. You also might be facing the problem of friendlessness and feeling lonely. No matter what your difficult situation is, Jesus Christ is sufficient to meet your need and give you deliverance. Invite Jesus into your circumstance and hand your burden over to Him to have full control over it. He will come in at His time and handle your difficulty according to His will which will be far better than your own plan.  Once He is allowed to be in charge, He will resolve it all for your comfort and courage, and for His glory. Jesus will come in and change your tears into joy and lighten your burdens. 

Psalms 34:4 – I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.

Thought for Today
Jesus comes into our situation to remove our inner fear and outer problem of our situation.

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord Jesus: Help me today to put my total faith in you to handle my situation along with the fears and apprehensions of my heart. Amen!

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