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Floating Iron!!

Verse for Today: Monday, January 09, 2012

2 Kings 6:6 – Then the man of God asked, “Where did it fall?” When he showed him the place, Elisha cut a stick and threw it there, and made the iron float.

For the human mind, floating iron is unthinkable and impossible because it is against reason. So humans never expect iron to float. But the law of sinking iron is established by God and it is not a human invention. But God has also established the law of the impossible according to which iron can float. Only true faith expects it because true faith trusts in the God of the impossible. True faith confesses the immeasurable capacity of the God of the impossible. True faith laughs at impossibilities and asserts that iron will float, if and when necessary. True faith doesn’t write off any thing as impossible. True faith believes that if it meets a need which cannot be met otherwise, God will perform the impossible. When there is no other source of food, true faith enjoys meals from ravens or poor widows. True faith cures leprosy simply through seven dips in a muddy river Jordan. True faith multiplies five loaves of barley bread and two small fish for over fifteen thousand people and will leave twelve basketful of leftovers. True faith raises the dead, gives sight to the blind, opens jail doors, makes the crippled walk and leap, stops storms, rain and sun and opens seas and rivers. When the natural fails to find answers to human needs, the supernatural opens the floodgates of heaven and unshackles the impossible. Today we all go through such events of floating iron, but we do not always see or understand it. It is through such impossible events that God moves His children forward day after day. It is God who makes the iron sink and also float according to His wisdom and power. We are sustained through these benevolent acts of our Father who shows His mercy to us by interfering into the natural laws.

Dear reader, are you at any crossroads and facing some seemingly impossible situations in your life today? Are you stuck and unable to go forward? Are there immovable and mountainous roadblocks in front of you? Remember, there is no snag that cannot be removed from your pathway by the Lord. He knows that you are facing some roadblocks and desires to remove it. He doesn’t want you to try and become a failure because it is impossible for you to remove it in your own strength. He wants you to entrust it with Him and take your hands off. It is His desire that you take the matter to Him and leave it at His feet. Once the matter is left to the Lord, He will do the needful at the right time to turn the impossible into great realities. But when the impossibility of the iron floats in front of your eyes, will you show the courage to go and pick it up and submit it again for the Lord’s service? When the Lord makes your iron float, it is not for you to repossess it for your benefit, but to put it back into the Lord’s service. Perhaps the iron the Lord entrusted with you is your spiritual gift. When you are cutting down the trees to build the House of the Lord, you have to be careful not to loose the axe-head. But if you have lost it, tell the Lord about it and He will help you to regain the lost instrument for you to continue to use it for His service. First of all, let us believe in the power of the Lord to handle the impossible for us. Secondly let us swiftly tell the Lord about it. Thirdly let us wait for the Lord to exercise His power over the situation and put the lost instrument back to circulation and service. Fourthly let us thank the Lord for His benevolence in helping us to regain the axe-head because it is twice His and no more ours. Today let us wait for the Lord to perform the impossible for us for His glory and our joy.

Matthew 10:27 – Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.

Thought for Today

God’s grace turns human impossibilities into divine possibilities for His glory and our joy.

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