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Footprints on billows!
Verse for Today: Sunday, January 08, 2012

Matthew 14:25 – During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.

During His earthly ministries, Lord Jesus demonstrated His authority and power over the elements. At Cana, He turned water into wine. He showed His disciples that no matter where they were and whatever their circumstances, He was with them. Distance or time was not a problem for Him as He reached the disciples in the middle of the sea at the middle of the night to exercise His authority over its volatility. Even though the boat was buffeted by the wind, it could not deter the Lord from walking over it as if He was walking over level ground. Even though the Lord went up on a mountainside to pray, His holy presence was with His beloved disciples in their difficult situation. When they faced danger, the Lord reached there to rescue them. They couldn’t expect Him to be there with them because a few hours back they saw Him walking away to a mountainside to pray. Not only that, they saw the buffeting waves became obedient and submissive to the Creator Lord as He walked on it. They were superstitious, but He was real. He came at the most unexpected, but needy time. He was there at the nick of time. He quieted their fears and strengthened them to see how He was in full control of their situation. He proved to them that what was impossible for man was possible for Him. He showed them that He was with them in His presence wherever they went and whatever situation they were in. He reassured them that He would not let them be destroyed by the elements. His walking on the water was another opportunity to strengthen their faith in His power and authority over situations. This same Jesus is with us today and is in control of all our situations. What is impossible for us is possible for Him and He leads us through the impossible to the possible for the praise of His name.

Dear friend, are you buffeted by certain difficult situation today? Are the billows trying to overpower and subdue you? Have you reached a situation where the waves of events, circumstances and people might swallow you up? But you are reminded today by the Lord that He will not allow you to be annihilated by your situations. He will not stand inactive when His beloved children are buffeted by the billows of life. Even though He seems far away, He is with us and in our situations. The waves look ferocious for us, but for Him they are only aberrations of the elements which He created. But the Lord is asking us not to look at the waves and be fearful, but to look for Him in our situations. Our inner eyes are opened by Him not for us to look at our volatile circumstances and be discouraged, but to look for our Lord in His glory in our situations and be encouraged. We can see Him in all our difficult situations through our spiritual eyes which He has opened. Our Lord is with us in all our situations. He will not let us go alone to face difficulties. He will come at the right time to deliver His people. He delivered Joseph, Daniel and the Hebrew youth at the right time. He delivered David from the mouth of the lions and the bears at the right time. He delivered Israeli army from the ferocious Goliath. He delivered Jeremiah from the broken cistern. He opened the gates and the doors of prison cells where Paul, Silas and Peter were shackled. He filled the heart of John with His glory in his isolation in Patmos. This same Jesus is walking on the billows of your circumstances and coming to encourage and strengthen you to keep going. Your boat will reach the shore without sinking because your Lord is holding you in the palm of His hands. It doesn’t matter if you are still in the boat and buffeted or walking on the billows like Peter, because He holds you by His hands. Today it is our blessed privilege to enjoy His presence, protection and providence in our situations.

Matthew 14:31 – Immediately Jesus reached out His hand and caught (Peter). “You of little faith”, He said, “why did you doubt?”

Thought for Today

See the footprints on the billows of the Sea of Galilee and walk in it by faith.

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