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Verse for Today: Monday, May 09, 2011
Psalms 18:16 – (The Lord) reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters.

The eyes of the Lord are always upon His children just as a baby is looked after by its mother. This is because the Lord knows that we live in a world which has many dangers. There are more spiritual dangers than physical dangers and the Lord reaches out from Heaven to safekeeping His children out of all their troubles because of His compassion towards them. He guides us on our daily walk and helps us to be on His track. He prevents us from taking the costly detours in life to help us to avoid the ruins that the enemy of our souls schemes for us. But when we are in deep trouble, He comes to pick us up by His hands. Sometimes, we get into deep waters because of our own foolish decisions and at other times we are the depth of difficulties because of the manipulations of the enemy. The enemy of our souls is a destroyer and a thief. He comes to annihilate us, but his approach will be friendly. He will try to lure us into his trap and divert us into his paths of destruction. In all such circumstances our Lord will be with us. His eyes are always on us. He sends His Word to reprove and instruct us to go on the right track which He has designed for us for His purpose in total dependence of Him each day and draw from His resources to meet all our needs. When David was in trouble from the enemy and in helpless situations, the Lord held him in His mighty hands and picked him up from dangerous situations. He won wars for David and handled all his enemies through the power of His might. The Lord who proved His faithfulness to David is the same Lord with the same grace to deliver us from the depth of difficulties that we are in. He will definitely rescue us from all the dangerous situations that we are in and will not allow us to falter.

Dear reader, if you are in the depth of trouble, please know that you are not abandoned by your Lord. He is with you in your situation today and knows the depth of your needs and the troubles that you are in. He expects you to have total dependence on Him and cry unto Him for help. The Lord will hear you and will extend His mighty hands to pick you up from the depths you are in. If you are disillusioned because of the troubles, He will not only rescue you, but will strengthen your soul and comfort your heart. If you are depressed, He will fill your heart with songs in the night to sing along and be joyful. If you are discouraged, He will give you courage and boldness to go forward, trusting the Lord to handle your situations. If you have lost hope, He will fill you with His hope that in Him there is a solution to all your problems. Remember, all your problems are opportunities for the Lord to demonstrate His power and strength in your life. There is no need for you to be afraid of your situations because you are in the mighty hands of the Lord. Your safety and security are assured by His power and might. Without the permission of the Lord, no power in this universe will touch you. No situation that you are passing through is too hard for your Lord to handle. Even if all your dear ones abandon you, the Lord will come to your help. All that the Lord expects from you is your undiluted trust in His power to rescue you from trouble. He will come your way like the unexpected arrival of the Good Samaritan on Jericho Road and will do what is necessary to rescue you from all dangers and take you to safety. Today it is your privilege to know the hand of the Lord to take you out of the deep waters you are going through for His glory.

Psalms 18:35 – You give me Your shield of victory, and Your right hand sustains me; You stoop down to make me great.

Thought for Today
There is no moment in our lives when the right hand of the Lord is not around us.

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