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Verse for Today: Saturday, February 26, 2011
Isaiah 40:29 – (The Lord) gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

It is amazing to see how the Lord’s attention is always on the needy. He is looking for people who are weak and weary. He focuses on those who are willing to admit their weariness and weakness. He wants to work on those who seek strength and power from Him. The Lord puts a premium on those who admit their weakness and powerlessness. When they cry unto Him for help, He comes down to strengthen them with His strength. When they seek His face in the phase of utter powerlessness, He pours His power into them. His strength and power are given to His weak and powerless children in order for them to do what He wants them to do. His strength in us is not to do what the world wants us to do. His power is to accomplish what He wants to accomplish in this world for His glory and honor. In other words, the Lord wants us to reach a point when we are totally empty of our human capacity and depend fully on His power and strength for everything. The world will always try to put some of its fleshly strength and strategies into us, but we will soon find that we will not be able to accomplish any thing for God with world’s tactics. The first step in getting the strength and power of God is to look into our hearts and see how powerless and weak we are without the power of God in us. Secondly we go to Him in utter repentance of our situation of weakness which is because we have not appropriated the powerhouse that the Lord has kept open for us through His Holy Spirit. Thirdly we receive His power and strength by faith and start using it for His cause only. This process has to continue so that we can fly like an eagle and soar to greater heights through the Lord who strengthens us to do what He wants us to do here on this earth for His name’ sake.

Dear friend, are you feeling weak and weary today? Do you experience powerlessness in your soul in what you are doing? Is your strength draining out because of the intense battle you are engaged in with the evil forces? Are you starting with the Spirit and ending with flesh in some ways? Instead of getting frustrated about it, it is time you sit in the presence of the Lord in retrospect and get yourself broken in your spirit about your situation. If you are not utilizing the power and strength that is made available to you by the Lord through His Word and Spirit, confess it to the Lord and ask to be filled with His Spirit who is the Spirit of power and strength. The Spirit will remind you of the power that is in His Word. The promises in the Word are to strengthen you to appropriate the power that is made available to you to believe and attempt great things for the Lord in this world. Your strength and power are not to be wasted in securing any thing for you, but to be used in glorifying the Lord in your life. His power will help you fight the battles of life and His strength will enable you to accomplish great things for Him. He knows when you are weary and weak because of the burdens you carry and the battles you fight against the powers of darkness and the forces of the world. But the power and the strength of the Lord will be sufficient to meet any challenge any time and any where. The power of the resurrection of the Lord is on you to rise up above any circumstance for the glory of God. When you rise up from the ashes the world thrusts upon you, you will be able to use all the power that God gives you to face the challenges of life and come out victorious.

2 Samuel 22:33 – It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.

Thought for Today
When God empowers a weary soul with His strength, that person gets divine power to accomplish great things for God.

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