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Goodbye to Hunger and Thirst!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Psalms 107:9 – For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what is good.

Our God is full of goodness which He is willing to give to those who experience hunger and thirst in their souls. Satisfaction in the body and its senses is momentary and soon the physical desires will prop up again. So we need to keep on supplying fuel to the senses. But that is not the case with the soul. The desire of the soul is for eternal things which only God can give. His goodness will only give satisfaction to the craving of the soul for food and drink. The soul needs spiritual food and drink which needs spiritual bread and living water to satisfy. Only God can supply the spiritual bread and living water because God is the only reservoir of spiritual food and drink. God became Man so that the spiritual drink and bread can be given to man to satisfy him completely. What the world gives makes people more and more hungry and thirsty, but what God gives will satisfies the spiritual hunger and thirst forever. Jesus Christ is that Bread of Heaven and living water and so if man accepts the gift of Jesus Christ as the redeemer of the soul of man, his hunger and thirst will be satisfied. The world gives that which will temporarily give pseudo satisfaction, but will leave man empty, hungry and thirsty soon. Such hunger and thirst will continue throughout eternity in hell. God offers heavenly bread and drink free of charge because Jesus paid it all through His death on the cross. All that man has to do is to accept Jesus. Then man will have a new purpose in life and new desires. He will then stop running after positions, power and prestige that the world offers, and will go after what God gives which will give full satisfaction.

Dear friend, have you found real satisfaction in life through the goodness of God which He offers you freely? Or are you running after the temporal things the world offers which are sure to make your life empty. If you want to enjoy real satisfaction in life, you ought to realize the value of the heavenly food and drink that is given to you in your soul. The Heavenly food and drink can only give you lasting satisfaction. It will also put an end to your craving for the temporal things this world offers. What the world offers is empty hope for satisfaction and all who have gone after it have found themselves in utter frustration. Today the Heavenly Bread and Living Water can be taken to our satisfaction so that it will be reflected in our priorities, likes, dislikes, goals and focus. We will also be able to introduce this Heavenly Food and Drink to those around us who are starving for satisfaction and are going after the temporal things of life. But we must realize that even though it is free, we must pay a price to take time and effort to take the World of God into our hearts on a daily basis. We need to manage our time and priorities so that we will have the time to spend in the presence of God to receive what He gives each day. If we do not take this food and drink on a daily basis, we would become spiritually weak and it will further retard our spiritual growth and development. When we thus fill ourselves with what the Lord offers, we will not be much concerned about our life on earth except that it is an opportunity to submit it as a reasonable worship to the Lord who satisfied us with the eternal. If the Lord could satisfy us with what our souls craved, certainly He would be able to meet our mundane needs as well. So let us trust the Lord to meet all our basic needs here on earth so that we can live to serve Him and glorify His name! Remember, the Lord is the perfect giver and we are at the receiving end for our good and His satisfaction!

Psalms 103:5 – (The Lord) satisfies your life with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

Thought for Today
When the Lord is sufficient to meet all our needs, it is not wise to go after the temporal dissatisfiers that the world offers.

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