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Verse for Today: Friday, January 28, 2011

Psalms 144:2 – (The Lord) is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge, who subdues people under me.

Every quality of God that is described in the Word of God is directly related to the existence, growth, development and progress of His children. This is because all God’s revelations of Him to His children are connected with their problems, difficulties, needs, aspirations, concerns and challenges in life. God appears to man to help, support and strengthen man to meet these realities of life. But these realities are only to prepare man for greater challenges in life which is God’s process of strengthening His children. So God reveals Himself to man in His character, qualities and power to help mold and enable man to become stronger in His faith in God to be able to meet the existing and emerging challenges of life. All of God’s qualities are to help man to essentially put his faith and trust in God and be transformed into the divine nature of Jesus Christ. This process is tough and rough, as it takes us through fire, waters, storms, waves, valleys, tears, weaknesses, darkness and troubles of various dimensions. Man cannot do it himself, and so God comes in to show man His deep and unfathomable love as he is taken through this metamorphosis. God’s children are hidden in the fortress which is God Himself. In God, they can find a stronghold against all the powers of darkness. God comes to deliver him from all snares of the enemy of his soul. God works as a personal shield to cover him from the direct and indirect attacks of the enemy. God’s wings are so wide and secure under which he can find refuge in all situations. God helps him to subdue all the enemies of his soul (world, flesh and Satan) so that he can live without fear and anxiety. In other words, God is sufficient in all our situations and circumstances to meet all our needs and challenges. Blessed are we when we know God to be the reality in all our situations and to get ourselves lost in the wonder and awe of Him and His ways.

Dear friend, if you are thirsting for love, you can find it in the Lord whose love is deeper than the deepest ocean. When people reject you, He will show His love to you. When you do not get the mercy that you desire and deserve from people around, you can go to the Lord who experienced rejection for you. He understands the pain you go through when you are rejected and despised. He will comfort you and show mercy to you in your situations of pain and desperation. If you are under attack and if you find it difficult to prove your innocence, your Lord who went through verbal and physical abuses and attacks will come to you as your strong fortress in whom you can hide and be safe. He will calm you down and put His nail-pierced hands on you to comfort you in your situations. If you are under the bondage of debt, failure, loss, habits, behavior, poverty, loneliness and mistrust, the Lord is your stronghold who will break the bondage and set you free. He will deliver you from the prison cells of suffering and sickness where the world has held you for years, and will set you free. No matter what your prison is, whether it is misunderstanding, mistrust, misinterpretation, gossip, doubt, confusion or envy, the Lord will come to open the doors of your solitary confinement and make you free. He will subdue your persecutors who ill-treat you and give you the grace to reach a peak far above the petty problems they create for you. The Lord is sufficient in all your situations and will give you the confidence to testify to His faithfulness in all that you go through. He is a present help in all your needs and His grace will far exceed the challenges you face today. So let us today focus on the Lord and His grace rather than on our petty situations.

Psalms 34:19 – A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.

Thought for Today
There is grace from God to meet every challenge we face on all the days of our lives.

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