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Handle hindrance by faith!

Verse for Today: Thursday, January 05, 2012

Psalms 114:3 – The Sea looked and fled, the Jordan turned back.

When God marches on with His people, no force in the universe can stand on the way and become a hindrance. The inanimate physical world will respond quickly when the power of the Almighty is confronting its devastating strength. The physical environment has to give way for God to accomplish His purpose through His children. He accomplishes the humanly impossible in front of our eyes. Not only the inanimate physical world, but the evil powers of this universe under the jurisdiction of Satan will also run away from the pathway on which God marches with His beloved children. So when we find hindrances like a sea which roars or a river which flows, the command from our Lord is for us to march forward disregarding the roadblocks. But then why do we sometimes run away from hindrances or succumb to the pressures of fierce opposition? It may be because we forget that the God of the Impossibilities is with us. It is likely that we look at the fierceness of the hindrance and get fearful about its saber rattling. It is also likely that we are not marching with the Lord in His perfect will. Sometimes we are so faithless and keep our eyes closed that we cannot see the vast army of God’s chariots of fire around to protect us. It is possible that we do not know the height of the power of our Lord because we do not meditate on Him from His Word. In His great love and mercy, our Lord travels with us and demonstrates the awesomeness of His powerful presence for us to move forward if we are willing to trust Him fully when confronted by roadblocks. The Israelites were able to travel from Egypt to Canaan because of their total dependence on the greatness of His power. When God’s people under the leadership of their God marched forward, waters of the Red Sea and the Jordan River moved away to create a dry track for them. Today His presence and power are with us as we walk with Him by faith in our sojourn to remove all hindrances.

Dear reader, are you boggled with any powerful hindrance on your pathway of faith? Are you experiencing any human, financial or physical hindrance in your ministries, testimony, church life, job situation, relationships, family situation or circumstances? Remember, the Lord is marching with you on your way and He has promised to take you to the other side of the hindrance for the praise of His name. The hindrance is kept on your way by the enemy of your soul to block you from accomplishing God’s purpose in your life. The hindrance is aimed at making you fearful or discouraged and tempts you to retreat from the course the Lord has prepared for you. The Lord has already made great plans for you which are on the other side of the hindrance and so you must cross over with confidence and courage by faith in His power to take you forward. As you step forward, the enemy will flee. As you take the step of faith, the hindrance will fled like the billows of the Red Sea and the River Jordan. The way forward is through the seeming hindrance which you see with your physical eyes. But if you open your eyes of faith, the hindrance will not be there because it cannot withstand the pressure of the power of the Lord who is marching with you. So take courage and step forward trusting the Lord to find dry land for you to take further steps. You will certainly reach the other side of the hindrance by faith. Remember, Red Sea is not the only hindrance you will see before you, but water shortage, food shortage, serpents, heat, lack of direction in the night and day and the River Jordan will be in front of you. As you go into Canaan, there will be powerful sons of Anak to hinder your life of faith further, but the Lord will give you strength to subdue them. Let nothing deter you from your walk of faith forward with the Lord who will remove all your hindrances and help you to make progress in life.

Psalms 118:20 – This is the gate of the Lord through which the righteous may enter.

Thought for Today

When we march with our Lord, beholding His glory, any hindrances will only be challenges that we will overcome by faith in His power.

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