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Handling obstructions!

Verse for Today: Thursday, November 24, 2011
Ecclesiastes 11:4 – Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

There are people who look for reasons not to go forward. For them a wind or some clouds are hindrances and excuses for being inactive. But life requires us to take risk and go forward no matter what is on our way. When God’s children try to do something for their Lord, the enemy always tries to clutter their way forward with hindrances and negative thoughts. They will be shown roadblocks so as to stop them from going forward for their Lord. Instead God’s children ought to look at their God for light and guidance to go forward and should not focus on circumstances. But the enemy would like us to retreat or stop from making progress in the will of God. There are many who see unfavorable circumstances and stop rather than trusting God and His promises to sustain them. Nehemiah faced many roadblocks but in spite of it all, he went forward and accomplished what God wanted him to complete in record time. Ezra did the same when he was commissioned to refurbish the temple of God in Jerusalem. But the Israelites felt bewildered at the Red Sea and stopped there thinking about going back to Egypt. Had David thought like this, he would have never killed Goliath or become king of Israel. Opposition and hindrances did not stop Paul from continuing his ministries. Even prison did not stop him from his ministries and he continued to build up people and wrote down whatever God gave him. Yes, there were wind and clouds, but these could not stop God’s people from accomplishing God’s plan in their lives. When there are roadblocks, we need not retreat or get discouraged, but go forward by faith in the Lord who has commanded us to go in His name. Today we are challenged to look at the Lord and not at the wind or the clouds because the one who has created wind and cloud is with us to keep us going through it all.

Dear reader, are you at the crossroads in your life because of the obstruction of wind and clouds on your way forward? Are you looking at the wind and the clouds and getting discouraged? Perhaps the wind and the clouds are tests of your faith. Your faith should grow stronger as days go by so that even in the midst of opposition and obstruction, you can fly through the wind and the clouds as the Lord leads you. When you go through these oppositions, your Lord travels with you and will take you by your hand to the destination that He has prepared for you. Abraham as a sojourner had various obstructions at Haran, Canaan, South Country, Hebron, Mamre’s Estate and Beersheba. We would have never thought that Jacob would make it to become Israel, but he exhibited tremendous faith and trust in the Lord during innumerable times of mighty wind and clouds in his horizon. Joseph ploughed through devastating wind and clouds of bitter experiences, but the Lord enabled him to keep going so that he would become the savior of the children of Israel to keep the genealogy of Jesus going. David found stiff hindrances to becoming king, but his heavenly Shepherd strengthened him to break through the clouds and mighty wind to reach the throne and the crown. Esther and Mordecai faced dark clouds in their horizons, but the Lord took them through it to their destination. So, dear reader, there is no scope for you to fearfully retreat and be discouraged because the God of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Nehemiah, Esther, David and Paul is with you. You can beat any dark situation in life by faith to reach God’s purpose for you through His power. The enemy wants you to retreat, but the Lord charges you to face the obstructions and break it all open in His name to go forward to be fruitful for Him. Let us today smile at the wind and the cloud in our horizons and break a pathway of faith through it to go forward and accomplish God’s purpose for us.

Psalms 118:6 – The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?

Thought for Today
The power of God will enable us to break through mighty wind or darkest cloud of obstructions and hindrances to go forward.

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