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He is able!

Verse for Today: Monday, December 26, 2011

Matthew 9:28 – (Jesus) asked them, “ Do you believe that I am able to do this?”

Every time we go to the Lord with a request, He has a question as to whether we wholeheartedly believe that He can do it for us. If there is even an iota of unbelief, doubt or lack of faith, our prayer becomes a ritual rather than a genuine cry from our heart to the All-sufficient Lord. But the irony is that He knows how much faith we have in His power to accomplish what we ask of Him. His ability is indefinable, His power is immeasurable and His resources are unlimited. He wants to meet our needs out of His love and compassion for us. No good thing will He ever keep away from us. He knows what is best for us and He has the power and wisdom to determine the timing and quantity of anything that we seek from Him. But it is imperative that we ask the Lord in full, absolute and unconditional faith. If we are not absolutely sure about His ability to perform a task for us, then we are not genuine and sincere in asking Him in prayer. Such prayers are unanswered and go without any response from the Lord. At the same time, He gives us His favor because He wants to meet our needs. So He gives us our daily requirements as He forgives us of our lack of faith and trust in Him. But if we ask in full faith, He will do it as an answer to our prayers. Realizing their week faith, the disciples once asked the Lord to increase their faith so that all they enjoy in life would be His answers to their prayers rather than His provision for their needs. On the one hand, we need full and unconditional faith in the Lord to get answers to our prayers. On the other hand, He understands our low level of faith and makes amends for it and meets our needs. So we must admit our lack of faith and ask the Lord to increase and strengthen our faith so that we can pray and get answers. This is a challenge in prayer that we need to handle each day in our personal relation with the Lord.

Dear reader, are you praying with the sincere belief that your Lord will certainly provide you with what you ask? Are you fighting a daily battle with doubt, confusion, unbelief and faithlessness? Are your circumstances shaking your faith in your Lord? If the Lord is able to give you eternal life, do you think He cannot meet your mundane needs in life? If the Father has given you His Son as the greatest gift in life, do you think He will withhold lesser things from your life? Hannah is a classical example of a person who put all her faith in the Lord and prayed. Daniel and the Hebrew youth put all their faith in the Lord in the backdrop of the threats from the world. Elijah did not fear King Ahab and prayed in full faith for fire to come down at Carmel. David prayed such prayers of faith which have become part of the Scriptures. When Nehemiah prayed for capacity to refurbish the broken walls of Jerusalem, the Lord granted it because it was prayer in sincere faith. Today the Lord examines our hearts to see whether we are only exercising our tongues in prayer or really mean it from the bottom of our hearts. He is waiting for us to move His heart with a heart full of undiluted faith and trust in His power to grant us our requests. Shall we take this spiritual challenge today and put all our unconditional, undiluted, total and absolute trust in the power of the Lord to grant us our requests? Let us answer the Lord and say with all our heart, mind, soul and life that He is able to grant us our requests no matter how difficult it might be because there is nothing impossible with Him.

Hebrews 11:6 – And without faith, it is impossible to please God, because any one who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.

Thought for Today

Genuine faith puts all its trust in the Lord’s capacity to grant our requests without the shadow of a doubt.

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