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He remembers you!
Verse for Today:  Monday, June 11, 2012
Genesis 30:22 – Then God remembered Rachel; He listened to her and opened her womb. 
We serve a God who never forgets His dear children and their anguishes. He listens to their prayers and cries. He watches them as they sob and gasp in agony because of the great need they feel in their hearts. He understands their persistent prayer and importunity. The Lord sees them opening their mouths wide and waiting for it to be filled by Him. He gives them the desires of their hearts when they are in impossible situations. He helps them to exercise their faith so that what He gives will be the result of His benevolence and not because of their merit or capacity. He ignites their hopes to wait for Him until He gives them what they need which is His perfect will for them. He remembers our anguishes, misery and pain and comes to us at the right time to meet our needs in the most magnificent manner. When He remembers us, it doesn’t mean that He had forgotten us for a time. It only means that the time for His actions for us has come. But it also means that He has been working behind the scene to prepare us and our situations to meet our needs. Rachel’s hopeless case of childlessness was known to all. But no situation is hopeless for our Lord. When our hope is gone, He comes to make our situations alive. God had already seen Joseph and all that He was going to accomplish through Joseph in order to sustain the genealogy of the Messiah. Joseph could come to the scene as a type of Messiah only at the right time. So Rachel had to wait till the setting was right and the time perfect. Our Lord is never late or early, but He acts at the right time to glorify His name and to accomplish His purpose. Rachel was the object of God’s special blessing to His people and He reserved her life to become His instrument to accomplish His plan for His people. Today He listens to our cries, and He prepares us and our situations to make it an occasion for Him to bless His people.
Dear reader, are you disillusioned that your prayers are not answered for long? Perhaps the enemy comes to tell you that the Lord doesn’t answer your prayers because He doesn’t love you any more. But all the while, your Lord is working in your life and situations to prepare you for His answers. He will remove your tears and anguishes, as He remembered Rachel and Hannah, answered their prayers and gave them the desires of their heart. Joseph was forgotten by those whom he lovingly served, but the Lord remembered him. At the right time, the call came from the palace to make Joseph a blessing to the Pharaoh and the nation. God used Joseph to prepare warehouses for His people to survive.  God’s remembrance of Hannah resulted in the grooming of Prophet Samuel. The God of Joseph, Rachel and Hannah did not forget them. He will not forget us also in our dungeon or while we are resented, insulted and ridiculed. Perhaps you are forgotten, despised or rejected by your dear ones. But the Lord will lift up your cause at the right time. The God of Rachael is alive and He is still our only hope. When we go through the dark tunnels of life, He waits for us at the end of the tunnel with His bright rays of hope. So dear friend, do not feel dejected and depressed about the silence of our Lord. One of these days, the doors will be opened for you and He will usher you into unexplainable richness of His glory. Now is the time to thank the Lord for all that He is going to do for you as you express your gratitude for all that He has done for you in the past. It is a time to look back and praise Him and put our hope in Him for our future.
Psalms 107:13 – Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble; He saved them out of their distress.
 Thought for Today
God’s precious answers to our relentless prayers are worth all the waiting. 
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