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Verse for Today: Monday, May 02, 2011
Psalms 16:5 – Lord, You have assigned me my portion and my cup; You have made my lot secure.

The greatest inheritance that has been received by God’s people is God Himself. In all that they experience in this life, their lot is the Lord. In Him they have all that they need in this life which is the beginning of eternal life. This life with the inheritance of God is the preparation for the life that is to come when we will be ushered into His physical presence. But all the blessings of that life is already given to us positionally to enjoy here and now. God’s children are already seated in the heavenly places with Christ. Our inheritance is far beyond any human definition. It is far greater than what any one has ever described. This is because our greatest inheritance is the Lord Himself and in Him we will find all the fullness of God to meet all our needs and wants. All the answers to our questions are found in Him. All the unrevealed aspects of our life here on earth are in Him and will be revealed in God’s time. All that we are going to become are already settled in Him in Heaven. God has authenticated it all with His name because of which there need not be any doubt or confusion about it. The inheritance that is awaiting us in Heaven has nothing to do with the material things that we might or might not have in the present world. The painful life will become painless and the poor life will be rich. The weary life will become restful and the frustrated life will become joyful. The knowledge of our inheritance with God as its signatory is available to us even now to live a contented life. It becomes our experience if we take God at His word and possess it by faith.

Dear weary soul, God wants you to know today that He has a rich and fragrant life prepared for you in eternity which you can start enjoying even today. He has designed a life of great contentment for you here and now to enjoy in spite of your difficult circumstances. But in order to enjoy such a life today, you need to overcome the pressures of the world by faith. Such a faith, if exercised, would make you throw behind all the cares that this world burdens you with. When earthly pressures mound, your faith in the Lord who carries your pressures will help you to learn the art of handing these over to Him who is capable of carrying it for you. When burdens knock at your door, your faith should enable you to deal with it in the Heavenly grace that is given to you. It is unthinkable that a person who has the Lord as his inheritance lives in this world licking his wounds and wallowing over the past frustrations. The inheritance the Lord has given you is also a rich life of Heavenly peace which would not be rattled by the winds of past experiences of despair, loss or failure. If you have lost opportunities, the Lord will give you better opportunities. If you have failed in the past, He will wipe it away and help you to attempt greater things in the future. If you are despised, He will honor you for His name’ sake. If you had to take the cross, He will give you crowns. If you have tears, He will convert it into joy unspeakable. Not only that, your inheritance is secure through the Lord which no one can take away from you. Such an exciting life is available to you today to enjoy, and its fullness will come when we see the Lord face to face. But it should start here and now and will work as the best therapy for all your ailments today. Let us not waste our inheritance which is the result of all that the Lord Jesus has accomplished through His cross.

Psalms 16:8 – I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.

Thought for Today
A heart which acknowledges the depth and height of the inheritance the Lord has bestowed upon us will weather away all adverse circumstances by faith.

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