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His Time!
Verse for Today: Friday, July 19, 2013  
Genesis 8:16 – Then God said to Noah, “Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives.

Throughout the storms and the floods in life, Noah and his family experienced the peace of God. He gave them patience as they traveled in the ark throughout the flood. They had the faith to endure the flood and to wait for God’s time to come for re-settlement. They enjoyed God’s grace during their sail through the waters. There was enough to eat till the flood was over. The members of the family were there for fellowship. The animals behaved themselves throughout the time they were locked up in the ark. They were in the most secure place and enjoyed God’s favor. Just as they went into the ark at the commandment of God, they waited to receive orders from God to get out of it. God was going to give them signal when the earth was ready for them to inhabit and cultivate. So until He spoke, they kept themselves in the ark without grumbling. At the right time, God turned a leaf in their lives by giving them a commandment to get out of the ark into the dry ground.  Noah and family stand out as a great role model for us in patience and faith as they waited for God to direct their pathways before, during and after the flood. When the whole world is out there for us to explore, it takes a lot of courage and strength to wait for our move only as God speaks. Such faith is based on the conviction that God knows best what we should do when, where and how. When God looks after our affairs in such splendid ways, we should respond with total commitment, obedience and faith.

Hello reader, are you getting increasingly impatient with the way things emerge in your life? Are you losing your patience and tempted to jump in? But if you step ahead of God, you will end up in heartaches, the consequences of which will have to be borne by you. You might achieve things for yourself, but it will not be God’s best at His best time. God might permit such initiatives by you, but it will not be His perfect will for you. When you commit your ways to the Lord, it is illogical that you take part of it away from God’s hand and handle it yourself. When you go faster than God, it is an indication of your lack of trust in His wisdom and schedule for your life. Noah and his family had faith in God before the flood, but their hearts were at perfect union with God during the flood when there was none else to depend on except God. Sometimes God takes us through such unusual pathways to teach us that He alone is there for us. He proves to us that He is absolutely dependable, totally trustworthy and perfectly unchanging in His character, promises and power. There might be occasions when you will have reasons to be anxious, but the Noah family sets the best example for you to learn how to live without burden for the future. They were convinced that their God was in absolute control of their present and future situations. When we are in God’s presence, it is as if we are in His ark, filled with His presence. The waters of anxiety and grumbling will never enter there. So let us go forward a day at a time, trusting God to look after our future and be confident that His time is the best. Let us trust Him to continue to fill us with Himself. If our hearts and minds are full of God’s peace, no anxiety or impatience will enter us and we will rest and relax in His presence in all our circumstances.

Psalms 37:5 – Commit your ways to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this.

Thought for Today
After committing our ways to the Lord, it is illogical that we take part of it away from His hands and handle it ourselves.

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