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Look Up and Walk!

Verse for Today: Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exodus 13:22 – Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.

When God moves His people to their divine destination, He walks in front of them to show the way. As He is the invisible God, He establishes spiritually discernible sky marks for them to recognize His way and direction. But they need to look up to Him to be able to see these indicators of His hand of direction and leadership. If they look around or look into themselves, they will miss the way and direction. If they look back, they will only see the approaching enemies and in front of them will be the roaring sea to devour them. But if they look up to God who dwells in heaven, they will see the pillar of cloud and fire. These are the vehicles on which the Lord travels in front of them. God could have sent an angel to show them the way, but He decided in His sovereign will to take this responsibility on Himself because the Israelites were so much dear to His heart. These pillars of cloud and fire have been expressed in the written form for us today to read and discern the way to follow Him. As we look up to God in prayer and seek His face, He will reveal His perfect will to us on the pages of the Book He has written for us. This written book is the expression of the eternal wisdom that has been hidden in Him in the eternity past and has been revealed in part through prophets of the past. It has now come to us in its perfection through Jesus Christ, His Son. The Book speaks to us that our Lord is traveling with us to show the way when the circumstances are against us and when we are surrounded by the enemies of our soul. When there is thunder, storm, wind and waves, the pillar would not depart us. The sure way to keep traveling to our destination is to look at the pillars and walk fearlessly by faith and with hope in our eyes.

Dear reader, are you surrounded by confusions of various kinds as you continue on your pilgrimage? Is the enemy coming after you to destroy you? Are there fierce hindrances in front of you to drain you of all your courage and strength? But through it all, your Lord is committed to take you forward. You need not be discouraged by looking around at your enemies and hindrances, but you are challenged to look up to the Lord. He will help you to see the pilot vehicles of cloud and fire that He is traveling in front of you to show you the way. He will show you the way vividly without confusion or doubt. He will open ways for you to walk through the hindrances. He will make sure that the enemy never catches up with you. He will see to it that His eternal plan for you will be accomplished no matter who tries to drag you backward or stop you from going forward. The very sight of the God of the pillars ought to fill your heart with courage, strength, hope and faith to keep going on God’s pathways at His pace. He has gone before you and already prepared your way. All the resources you need to meet your needs on the way will be supplied at the right time and in the right quantity. Let us look up to God and walk today by faith. He is our guarantee that we will not miss the way and will reach our destination.

Psalms 73:24 – You guide me with Your counsel, and afterwards You will take me into glory.     

Thought for Today

The way to go forward is by looking up in faith. 
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