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Meet your Counselor!

Verse for Today: Wednesday, December 04, 2012

Isaiah 9:6 – “And He will be called Wonderful Counselor…………”

God has presented the Savior to people in His various attributes and ministries. He comes to them as the Bread of Heaven to resolve man’s spiritual hunger. He is the Water of Life for the thirsty souls. He is the Great Physician who heals them of all their ailments and makes them whole. Prophet Isaiah presented Him as the Man of Sorrows who came to take away all their soul’s sorrows. The attributes of the Savior portray the various needs of the people and how He is able to meet these needs. When Isaiah spoke the prophetic word about the birth of the Savior, He was presented as the Wonderful Counselor. The Savior came with the most wonderful messages to the people who had ears to listen to Him. The Savior’s words were utterances about how to find salvation for the souls. So the Savior was presented as the Wonderful Counsellor to speak the most wonderful message to the people. The people were thirsty, and this Counsellor invited the people to go to His cool waters to drink to their brim. He told them that the Heavenly Bread was available for them to meet their spiritual hunger. He came to speak to the people about the wicket gate that was open for them to go in. He gave admonition about how they should keep away from the broad way and walk the narrow way. He counseled the people about the way of the cross for them as they follow their Lord. Our Lord’s words were soft and soothing like oil on their wounded hearts. He spoke with patience and love. He counseled the religious people and the ordinary people. He addressed the wealthy and the poor. He talked with the Jews, Samaritans and the gentiles. He spent time with men and women of all ages including children. He had no hesitation to speak to the notorious as well as the secret sinners. He found time to speak to the sick, the bereaved, the businessmen, soldiers and the ruling class. He ministered at banquets and funerals. His words are used today to minister to the needs of people of all walks of life.

Dear reader, are you listening to the words of the Lord Jesus to meet your inner needs? His words are full of wonderful admonitions to you in all your situations. He has the right counsel for all the challenges you face. He has something to speak to people of all walks of life and on all subjects one can think of. He speaks to you on the basis of His public life which was perfect and above all reproach. He suggests, persuades and beseeches you to follow Him on His pathways. He has something to say about your emotional, physical and spiritual realms of life. His Word is full of admonitions about all problems and challenges that people face today. He has perfect answers to all our problems all the time and comes to us to help us in our challenges, distresses and predicaments. Today Jesus comes to you as a counselor, but if you do not listen, you will ruin your life and opportunities to straighten out things. Ultimately you will be answerable to Him because His next visit to this world will be as the Righteous Judge about the opportunities He gave us and how we wasted it all to our ruin. Today you and I have the privilege to heed to His wise and wonderful counsel and give Him first place in our lives. There will be no disappointments in following His wise counsel which will enrich our lives.

Psalms 73:24 – You guide me with Your counsel, and afterwards You will take me into glory.

Thought for Today

The Wonderful Counselor who comes to us today to help us settle matters in life will come soon as the Righteous Judge to examine the wasted opportunities that He has given us.

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