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My Restorer!
Verse for Today: Monday, December 31, 2012
Psalms 14:7 – When the Lord restores the fortunes of His people, let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad!

A broken bone or net loses all its usefulness and value and is often abandoned. Broken bones need to be restored and broken nets must be mended for proper use. But when a nation or the life of a person is broken, it can be restored only by the hand of God. Today God is engaged in restoring lives which are in turmoil and confusion. There are physical, emotional, social and spiritual wrecks around us who live in utter hopelessness. But God is always available to them as the great restorer. He is the Master Designer of lives who can restore any wreckage if only people are willing to surrender to Him their wreckage wrapped in the rags of their lives. Israel as a nation was a wreck and there was spiritual and moral degradation. They faced tremendous insecurity and intimidation from the enemies from within and without. But there was a promise that God will restore that nation with all the fortunes that are their inheritance because they are a chosen nation by God. He will certainly restore them as a nation and rule them as their King and Lord. At that time, they will rejoice as a nation and as individuals. He will restore their Promised Land to them and their nation will be the capital of the whole world. They will be restored to full physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. But Israelites as individuals can get themselves restored to spiritual and emotional health under His lordship even now. Today God presents Himself to us as the Great Restorer of lives. He promises to restore all broken hearts and lives, families and relationships which are submitted to Him. He can put the broken pieces of our lives together if only we submit it at His feet.

Dear friend, are you a brokenhearted person today? Is your life shattered by the winds that blow against you through circumstances, situations, things and people? Is worry acting as a millstone which crushes you on a daily basis? Is the extent of ruin in your life with all its rubble making you to conclude that it is impossible to rebuild you and restore your life? But Jesus the Master Designer is able to restore any life situation that is broken beyond human capacity to restore. Jacob’s life was shattered, but His God restored him to become a prince. Joseph’s life was in ruins with rivalry from siblings and false accusations from the employer. He was in pit and prison for some time. But God restored him to full honor and prestige and raised him up to become the savior of the family of Jacob. David’s life was wrecked by sin, unbelief, undisciplined children and attacks from enemies. But God restored him to become a man after His own heart. Job was a totally shattered man with nothing left to live and no reason to live for. But God restored him with health, wealth, generations and honor in mysterious ways. Today God is involved in restoring broken, shattered and ruined lives which are a heap of rubble. He restores them spiritually which leads to emotional, physical and social restoration. He invites us to submit our shattered lives to Him like May Magdalene, Saul of Tarsus, Simon Peter, John Mark and others so that He can put us together in new spiritual shape. When He restores us, we will experience spiritual and emotional healing and wholeness. Once He restores us spiritually, He will start a re-building process in us to make us fit structures for Him to use for His glory. It will cause us to rejoice and be glad in Him.

Psalms 126:4 – Restore our fortunes, O Lord, like streams in the Negev.

Thought for Today
Our God is able to restore the heaps of wreckage and rubble of our life situations into beautiful structures for His use.

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