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Verse for Today: Saturday, January 29, 2011
Psalms 145:14 – The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.

There is a concerted effort by the enemy of our souls and his agents to drag and pull God’s children down. These agents of evil and iniquity create or manipulate situations to make us fall and try to trap us unaware. They complicate our situations to see to it that we fall and do not rise up again. Sometimes the enemy pushes us fast forward in our walk and make us trip down. At other times, he will pull us backward and make us drowsy so that we might fall. The world around would expect us to fall flat on our faces so that they can try to prove that our kind of faith is a failure. But the Lord would not allow His children to fall forever and are forgotten. He is with us to uphold us lest we fall. His hands are all around us to hold us firm. Our feet are on the Rock so that we would not be shaken. There are times when we loose hope when the mighty wind of destruction blows on us. But we must understand that the Lord is with us on the canoe in which we travel through this troubled sea of life in the turmoil of the ocean of the world. He even walks on the rough waters to come near us to quench our fears. The enemy might be preparing to celebrate our fall and might expect us to sink deep into the ocean. But Heaven will not allow it because Heaven has something precious at stake if we sink. The Lord has purchased us as His precious possession by His life on the cross of Calvary and He will not allow us to fall and get lost. The storms and the slippery places that we pass through are known to the Lord as He has gone through every trial or test that is known to man. He will give us the strength to go through the difficult places, to come out stronger. He will hold us by encompassing around us with His mercy. If we are bowed or bent down because of the heavy burden on our shoulders or back, He will help us to carry the burden. He will straighten our bowed backs and help us to lift our heads to look unto Him and get strength to keep going and keep holding on to Him.

Sometimes the world wants to make us feel that we might fall because of the heavy burden that is on our back. It is important for us to realize that Satan cannot make us fall, but can only increase our burden and give us hopelessness. But we know from the Word of the Lord that He holds us when we carry burdens. So the Lord in essence holds us and our burdens too. If we have such a burden bearer who bears us also, why should we feel shaky? When we feel that all around is shaking, we need to simply hold on to the Lord and be firm. We are asked to cast all our burdens and cares on the Lord because He cares for us. If we are feeling shaky because of our failures, we can go to Him to help us to walk from victory to newer victory each day of our lives. If we are guilty of sins of omissions or commissions, we can go to Him to confess it all. Then He will help us to overcome the situations, do what we ought to do and keep away from those that we must keep away from. Many of our failures and losses are because we fall into the temptation of being too ambitious which comes out of our flesh and by succumbing to the traps of the vanity fare of the world around us. Often we are not satisfied with the mundane and leap forward for greater level of human achievements. When we thus leap forward, it often becomes a snare on our way and we get into storms and waves. So we need to guard our hearts and minds not to fall into the temptations to achieve great things for us. Our desire has to be to achieve greater things for the Lord and trust Him to lead us every step of the way by holding our hands. Let us today allow the Lord to lead us forward and let us not lean on to our own understanding. When we fully trust the Lord to take us forward, we will grow in greater faith to trust the Lord for our every need and thus be firm in Him who is the Rock of Ages. He will not allow us to fall and will help us hold our backs straight to lift up our heads towards Him for help which is guaranteed today and forever more.

Psalms 18:35 – You give me Your shield of victory, and Your right hand sustains me; You stoop down to make me great.

Thought for Today
The Everlasting Arms under us will keep us from falling down and will hold our heads to look up to Him.

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