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Overtaking or lagging?
Verse for Today: Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Psalms 37:34 – Wait for the Lord and keep His way. He will exalt you to inherit the land.
Waiting for God’s time is often difficult for us because we are eager to make progress at our time frame. When we are deprived, we want to make mends for it in our merit and wisdom. Our souls want instant or quickest gratification of our desires and aspirations. When we are suppressed and oppressed, we try to react or retreat and allow ourselves to be subdued. But our Lord wants us to wait for Him to work in our situations rather than give up or give in. He doesn’t want us to take our situation in our own hands, but to submit it to the Lord and wait till He changes our situations. He reminds us today that waiting for Him is a mark of our maturity and trust in Him. If we are mature, we would be willing to submit our case before the Lord and entrust our situations to Him and rest in His promises. He wants us to believe that no matter who tries to suppress us, what our Lord allows in our lives cannot elude us. It is also true that if we are genuinely surrendered to the Lord, what He doesn’t permit will not find any place in our lives. We are not to wait for an event or a change in our situation unless it is brought about by the Lord. He will lift us up from our present situation for the praise of His name in due season. We are not to jump or run ahead of our Lord and His schedule for us. He has marked out a course for us in our livelihood and service for Him which no one can take it away from us. Our waiting will make us mature and strong in the Lord and we will grow in our faith to accept His schedule and leading without grumbling. But if we are impatient, we will take our course in our own hands and run ahead of the Lord to destroy the plan He has for us.
Dear reader, are you discouraged today because things are not moving fast enough in your life? But the Lord doesn’t want you to loose heart. He wants you to stay on course in His pathway and tread at His pace. He would not expect you to be over-aggressive and run ahead of the Lord. He wants you to trust Him to accomplish His purpose and program in your life at His time. When you commit your way to the Lord, He will accomplish His perfect will and purpose in you and thus glorify His name in your life. David knew this truth and waited for the Lord to put him on the throne at His time. He didn’t take any effort at capturing the kingdom and the throne. He waited patiently for the Lord’s time to come. As he rested in the Lord and committed his ways to Him, David found that his heart was at rest and peace in the Lord. It is true that during the waiting period, he had to endure sufferings of various kinds. But it was a time to grow in faith in the Lord and become mature. David knew that the God’s perfect will for his life cannot be taken away by king Soul or the enemy kingdoms. The only person who could mar God’s plan for his life would be David himself if he tried to run ahead of God with over-enthusiasm and aggressiveness. He had to be patient with the way the Lord was leading him at the divine schedule. Joseph also waited patiently for God to accomplish His purpose in his life and endured rejection, false accusation and imprisonment. As he waited patiently, the Lord prepared him for the responsibilities which were lying ahead in his life according to God’s plan. The Lord wants us also to keep going in His pathway with patience and trust, and allow Him to accomplish His great plan for us. Let us put our relentless faith in Him to accomplish His perfect will in us. Let patiently watch how He will unfold our lives at His pace for His glory.
Psalms 37:5 – Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him and He will do it.  
Thought for Today
Lagging behind or running ahead of God will thwart us of His best in our lives.
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