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A Psalm is a song of a special kind sung by God’s people on different occasions to meet challenges, face situations, handle people, go through unfamiliar circumstances, see unpredictability, and look through dark clouds and when patience drains down to ground level. It springs up in the heart out of nowhere as it is given to the longing hearts of the singers. It flows from the heart when songs are impossible and unnatural. When life is overwhelming, a Psalm springs up to comfort the singer and the listener to keep going no matter what the circumstances are. It waters the dry ground of human heart. It soothes the bruised reeds and smoldering wicks of a human life. It sends shock waves of cool breeze to calm the sea of life with its tempests and tornadoes. It opens the blind eyes to see the light of faith and the open doors. It strengthens the weak and puts hope in the eyes of the hopeless. It brings the homeless to the Father’s Home to dwell there to enjoy security and serenade. A ‘Psalm’ is a never ending and ever repeated poem of love and devotion to your Lord, a musical cantata with its intermissions and selah for praises and hallelujahs, a soft guzzle song for your meditative moments, a poetic mystery and a rhythm that needs eternity to interpret its emotions, a tune on the wings of the heavenly dove, an overwhelming sound of gasping of your soul in the dark valleys of life and the loud shout at the impossibilities of this world in the power of God. It is the melody of the soul and is full of medley of responses to situational experiences. It shatters all human myths and impossibilities. It is a positive volcano of unquenchable fire of love with unfathomable power to ignite emotions to help forget the situations to keep going. It’s been the songs in the night for the weary souls through the last four millennia, but its origin has been eternal because it is part of the eternally secured Logos. It touches you and me today to face the uncertain tomorrows of the New Year.

A Psalm is for the young and the old; for the child and the aged; for the sick and the healthy; for the bride and the groom as they build up a world of their own; for the child born with hope to live in a hopeless world and environment; for the busy and the lazy; for the poor and the wealthy; for the needy and the pseudo satisfied; it’s for all and sundry; it’s for you and me today as we face challenges of life. It is an eternally creative gift from the Sovereign Lord to fill us with Himself to meet all challenges in life.

Start the day and the year with a Psalm and get your every imagination shattered, positive or negative, in its fire to see a new light at the end of your tunnel to keep going! Make it your song in the darkest night, prayer on your sleepless bed, hymn on the sea billows of life, poem of worship to His Majesty the King of your life, testimony of the way He leads you by day and night and the exciting story of your life.

What do we do without a Psalm today!!

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