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Quiet faith!

Verse for Today: Friday, December 20, 2013

Psalms 62:5 – My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him. 

Silent waiting is very difficult especially when heart is desperate and there is impending danger in front of our eyes. There are times when our situations are dark without any light to go forward. When our rights are taken away from us and when we are isolated and rejected, it is not easy to be silent. At times we find our friends forsaking and forgetting us. There are times when nobody stops by to show sympathy and nurse the wounds inflicted on us by the looters and the dacoits among our own people. We might feel hopelessness and helplessness. In such situations, our human weakness will make us murmur and complain about our situation. Our hearts might tremble with fear about the uncertain future. King David went through such experiences of constant attack all around. Daniel and Paul had similar experience and their painful days were on the increase day by day. But they were quiet before the Lord and never complained. Their lives are a challenge and a lesson for us to be silent in God’s presence because He is working in our situations to bring in necessary changes. If we meditate on the Lord and His mysterious ways, our souls will become silent and speechless. Our hearts will be ignited with the fire of hope from the Lord that soon He will send us deliverance. He is able to do exceedingly well for us to get out of the shackles of our dark situations. He proves to us through these events that our hope is not to be in our friends, physical strength, wealth, connections with great people or past experience, for none of these will come to our rescue. Today we are challenged to be quiet before the Lord and wait for Him to send us His deliverance. 

Dear friend, are you a weary soul, pushed around in the sea of life? Are you being unfairly treated by the world around you? Do you feel deprived of your rights and privileges? It is possible to lose hope in times like these. But God gives us great encouragement and hope through His Word that our help comes from the Lord. Let us not take our cases to the unsympathetic world around us. Our Lord is with us to give us unflinching support and strength to keep going. He is our hope in this hopeless world. He will send deliverance at the right time on the wings of a dove. Until His release comes to us, He will give us the patience and strength to hold on and be silent before Him. They that wait for the Lord shall renew their strength which comes from the Lord. It is true that when we suffer deeply and drain our spiritual energies in the bitter experiences of life, it is not easy to keep silent. Our Lord Jesus kept silent when treated unfairly and set us an example. When abused and slandered, He silently suffered it. When we keep quiet, it might be taken as weakness, but a new morning of restoration will dawn on our way. Our Lord will settle things for us and bring us to victory and contentment. Our Good Samaritan will come our way and lift us up, dress our wounds with oil and wine and take us to His presence for rest. Dear friend, your silence today is golden and will have its reward in the presence of God. It is your time to learn patience and trust in the mighty power of God. Just wait for that day, put your hope in the Lord and continue in silence before Him.  

Psalms 61:8 – Trust in (the Lord) at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.
Thought for Today
Waiting in silence strengthens our faith to keep hoping in the Lord for His answers to our burdens.

Prayer for Today
Dear Lord Jesus: Help me today to follow Your example and be silent and waiting for Your time to come to lift me up. Amen! 
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