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Release from plight! 

Verse for Today: Friday, December 27, 2013

Exodus 2:25 – And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God knew their plight.

We are often looked down upon by those who are richer and more powerful than us. Human outlook is often biased. There are those who reject and resent us because of hatred or competition. We rarely find people who genuinely accept us for what we are and appreciate us for our standing.  The most forgotten people are those who suffer poverty, ill-health and misery of various kinds. But God looks upon all such people from Heaven with compassion and love. He sees our plight and understands our misery.  He feels our physical, emotional, social and spiritual pain and comes down to touch our lives. He interferes in our situations to release us from bondage. When we are broken, He restores us. When we are sick, He heals us. When we are poor, He gives us our daily bread. When we are thirsty in our souls, He quenches us. He is pleased to restore us if we look unto Him for help. He comes to meet our present and future needs. Sometimes He changes our situation and at other times He removes us form the situation and places us elsewhere. He also helps us to accept and adapt to situations. He comes to salvage us from our bondage and restores us from our brokenness. His plans for us include great miraculous experiences. He guides our pathways with Heavenly traffic lights and pointers to lead us day by day. He had planned great events like crossing Red Sea and River Jordan, Broken Rock, Elim, Sinai, Manna and the Tabernacle for the Israelites. When they wanted relief from the oppression, the Lord gave them extra blessings like freedom of speech, work, fellowship and worship along with a social system under God’s laws. This is how our God gives far more than we ever expect. 

Dear friend, are you crying in desperation because of your hopeless situation? Are you passing through dark and cloudy days? Are you afflicted physically, financially, emotionally and socially day after day and wonder when and how you will get a release? But while you are treading the rough patches of life, your Lord looks down to see your plight. He is much concerned about your sufferings. He also wants to help you learn great lessons in faith as you go through these experiences. He wants to make your life a centre of divine blessings. What He has in store in life will amaze people around you. Yes, it is most comforting and encouraging that God is watching and seeing us in all that we go through. If you are suffering with physical or mental pain, He knows about it as He feels your pain. He knew the grief Martha and Mary and empathized with them at the height of their misery. When you feel lonely, He will come and give you close fellowship and joy. If you are attacked, He will come and encompass around you to protect you from the arrows of the enemy. If your health is failing, He will strengthen you and carry you on His shoulders. If you are forsaken by others, He will hold you close to Himself. No matter what problem you are faced with, He will come and offer you solutions and carry you forward. So there is no need for you to be anxious about your situation. The Lord sees your plight and He will answer you at the right time. Until the answer comes from Him, He will give you the strength to go through the situation by faith with great expectations. At the right time, His intervention will come which will cause you to praise Him. 

Psalms 107:14 – He brought them out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains.

Thought for Today
Our rough patches in life are God’s platform to demonstrate His power and strength.

Prayer for Today

Dear Lord Jesus: Help me to trust Your promises and rest in You as I await Your intervention in the rough patches of my life. Amen!

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