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Secure from slaughter!
Verse for Today: Friday, December 28, 2012
Psalms 44:22 – Yet for Your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.

Those who desire to live for the glory of God are always brutally dealt with by the enemy of their souls. Our enemy is a murderer, a thief and a destroyer. He manipulates situations, circumstances and people to fight us. He is a great schemer and an accuser. He spends all his energies to find fault with God’s children. He even goes to the presence of God to accuse us. How much more will he go to our fellow humans with accusations against us! This cunning manipulator goes to our dearest and nearest to distort and misinterpret our words and expressions. He creates doubts and confusions in the minds of our associates in all spheres. He is specialized in making false evidences against us and then he will go from people to people to malign their hearts to believe him. He is the one who makes us doubt the truths that we have understood and experienced from the Word. But sadly we do not realize how he uses us against our dearest people. He comes into our homes and fellowships to sow the seeds of contempt, conflicts, confusions, unkind criticisms and distortions in the minds of those who love us deeply. He uses people to come up with unfounded arguments against us. He uses the tongues of people to slaughter us all day long. Often he will not come to us directly, but will work behind our back to clutter and poison the minds of others. The children of Korah saw such behaviors in the lives of their father who had to receive harsh punishment form God. They saw how their father was used by the enemy to assassinate the character of Moses. They also experienced it in their lives. But we need to encourage ourselves that our Lord knows all about it and He will guard the reputation and honor of His children.

Dear friend, are you lately going through a time of character assassination?  Is the enemy using your dearest and nearest against you to make false accusations and allegations? Remember, these are attempts to uproot you from your faith and standing. He tried this weapon against Joseph, Daniel, Nehemiah and Paul on several occasions and failed. But he still uses this potent weapon against God’s people and scores of God’s children fall prey to it. Many have fallen away because they couldn’t withstand the pressures of false accusations. He creates false evidences and uses gossip to strengthen his case against us. His tactics often find partial success because he prepares the hearts of some of our dear ones to believe and propagate falsehood. His ultimate purpose is to weaken our faith and make us drift. He wants to discourage us from getting involved in spiritual matters. So we must fight the enemy by using the whole armor of God. We must pray for ourselves and for others who face such intense trials. We can be rest assured that our Lord Jesus who prayed for the protection of Peter from sifting by the enemy will continue to intercede for us before the Father. God covers us with His glory for our safety. His angels encompass around us to protect us. It is to circumvent these divine firewalls that the enemy often comes into our own circle of fellowship to slaughter us. But as in the case of Joseph and Daniel, one of these days our Lord will show the world our innocence and He will exonerate us. He will remind our detractors that when they touch us, they are touching the Lord Jesus which will not go unpunished. Let us draw closer to the Lord during these perilous times and pray, watch and be vigilant. Let us also keep our hearts form baffling and our devotion from distraction.

2 Timothy 4:18 – The Lord will rescue me form every evil attack and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom. To Him be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Thought for Today
The Balm of Gilead heals us of all the wounds that the enemy inflicts upon us.

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