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Verse for Today: Thursday, January 27, 2011
Psalms 143:4 – So my spirit grows faint within me; my heart within me is desolate.

When we go through difficulties and when our experiences become unbearable, and when there is no one else to see or listen, we still have the great confidence that our Lord is out there to see our real situation and listen to our cries. Nothing is hidden from His attention and He knows the depth of our desolation. He sees that our hearts are like parched land which seeks the cool shower of comfort from Him. There are occasions when our spirit sinks deep into distress and we feel faint because of our struggles. We reach a stage of barrenness as we slowly lose our capacity to even express our deep emotions. We sometimes become like a baby bird, sitting quietly, resting in the security of the hands of its owner to take refuge. But even in such low ebb, the Lord gives us songs to sing to praise Him and the freedom to express our emotions to Him. David had this grace to write such touching songs even while he was hiding in the cave. He had no idea whether he will see day light again and whether he will comes out of the cave or not. Just as the case of David, Joseph, Gideon, Job and other choice servants of God, the Lord uses these situations to teach us wonderful lessons about Him and His power to protect us. The Lord had to allow David to go through the rough patches of life, but he was given a series of great hymns to write which can be used by other servants of God to sing when they go through similar situations. These songs are sung, read and meditated upon by millions of His children throughout the last several centuries. Whether Jesus is with us in the cave physically or not, His presence is with us. Even when the boat is far away from the shore and caught up in a storm, and the Lord far away, He knows about it all and His children are still in His hands. He gives them the peace and comfort of His presence no matter where they are. There is a promise that they will not be hurt and will definitely be rescued to keep going to accomplish His purpose in their lives.

Dear friend, is your situation today similar to that of David or Joseph? There were times of utter hopelessness for them, at least in the eyes of people around. But the plan of God for them has already been revealed to them. In order to accomplish all that the Lord wanted through their lives, they were allowed to go through the furnace to temper them. They were made humble and crushed for remolding for the special purpose for which they were to be used by the Master. They were made helpless in themselves so that they will find strength only in the Lord. They were broken in their spirits, so that they will always be aware of their unworthiness to be of use to the Lord. The heat of the furnace in which they were kept was enhanced to see how far they could trust the Lord to take it. But when the Lord allows such fiery furnaces for His children, He reassures them that His loving hands are at the thermostat and He will control it. He will test the metal to see its strength and capacity to take pressure. If the enemy today is Saul, soon it will be all the rulers and kingdoms around you. But soon your area of service will be enlarged like that of Joseph and the demands on you will increase for which you need to be tempered. So dear friend, your present situation might be unbearable for you, but please remember that you are enduring it with the Lord’s strength which is embodied in you. Let there be praise from your mouth and heart when the pressure makes you parched. Let your heart overflow with songs of comfort and strength instead of overwhelming with distress. Let your anchor be the Rock of Ages so that you will not sink in the overflow of stress around you. Hold on to the Lord and on to His promises firmly. Think and praise God for what He is going to accomplish for you and through you in the days to come. Draw from the great ocean of His grace, peace and love to make you what He wants you to be for His glory. Drink to the brim and get lost in the wonder and awe of the Lord and be amazed at the wonderful provisions the Lord has for you even today.

Psalms 46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Thought for Today
When all hope is lost, there is an anchor for our souls in the Lord who will never fail us.

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