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Supernatural Cover!

Verse for Today: Friday, February 17, 2012

Psalms 124:5 – Then the raging waters would have swept over our soul.

The rage of people blow on us like flood with enormous power to annihilate us. Their enmity is fierce and their hatred is devastating. They use all the arms in their arsenal to fight us to total defeat. They are committed to engulf us so that we would no longer be in their vicinity. All of their rage is because of the stand we take for God. Sometimes their rage emerges and bursts into open attack because of suspicion. At other envy and competition motivate them to malign us. Some experience insecurity when people like David come into the arena. David was a great musician, composer, successful warrior, man of eloquence and efficient, along with a charismatic personality. Those who met him developed a liking for him which created feeling of intimidation for his competitors. So they gathered together to use all the weapons in their armory against David to get rid of him. The brothers of Joseph used the same tactics against him to eliminate him from the scene to make them more secure. Nehemiah’s enemies tried to do the same to stop him from doing what He did for the Lord. King Ahab tried to do the same with Elijah. The religious mob tried to wipe out Jeremiah along with his message which was a great inconvenience to them. Daniel faced similar predicament in Babylon. The Jewish leaders and false teachers tried to damage the ministry of Paul. But the Lord kept all of them going until the ministries He had planned for them were completed. When the rage of the enemies blew against His servants, the Lord stood between them and the flood to prevent them from being swallowed by the billows. We are all sustained till today because our Lord stands between us and the raging waters. He allowed the rage to blow on Him so that it would not hurt us. We can go forward with confidence in Him when the going gets tough and situations become rough.

Dear reader, are you facing flood waters, storms, hurricane and tornadoes in your life which try to annihilate you? If you look at the way they blow on you, you will definitely be scared. But they often emerge without notice. They catch us unaware and we may not have time to look for a cover. Perhaps today you are facing such flood and wind in your work place, school, family, business or even in your church. It is likely that opposition is brewing behind your back and you might not even find it out until all possible maligning and damage have been caused to your testimony and ministry. But we have an anchor in our Lord who is our buffer. He knows the secret plots of the enemy brewing behind your back. But today we are comforted by the song of David that our Lord stands between us and our enemies so prevent us from their rage to engulf us. He gives us cover in times of such distress and threats. If you look at the flood with its rage, you will be frightened and disturbed. But if you look at the Lord who is your cover, you will not see the rage and will not have any cause to fear. Your Lord is willing to stand between you and your situations to absorb all the pressures coming your way. He will cover you adequately so that the rage will not affect you. As you see the Lord, you can start praising Him for who He is and what He is doing for you. When the enemy’s anger puffs us, there is no point in being smart by using your own strategies and intelligence. Our ideas are no match for the crafty enemy who uses powerful people in subtle ways against us. Let us today take refuge in the Lord to take all the punches from the enemy on Himself so that we would be spared.

Psalms 124:6 – Blessed be the Lord, who has not given us to be torn by their teeth.

Thought for Today

When the Lord is our cover, no force in this universe will cause us harm.

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